Argonauts’ “Signature Look” jersey revealed with big A logo, small front number, no team name

The CFL "Signature Look" alternate jerseys that have been released so far seem to have gone over well, with the B.C. Lions' gunmetal grey (brought out last year) and the Saskatchewan Roughriders' blitz green (revealed last Friday) both receiving plenty of plaudits. Both were very bold moves that substantially differed from the teams' previous looks, and the Toronto Argonauts have continued that trend, unveiling their new jersey Tuesday during their game against Winnipeg. Here's a video the team released featuring slotback Andre Durie in the new uniform:

Zoomable front and back looks at the jersey are available here. It's interesting to see how heavily these uniforms emphasize white, rather than the team's more typically-prominent double blue. The double blues are still there, but as sleeves and shoulder stripes; the double-blue stripe down the middle of the helmet is cool, though, as are the light-blue pants. The end product also looks substantially different than the road whites the team currently uses, and very different from anything they've ever worn before. Perhaps most notably, it doesn't have the team name anywhere or the city on the front, and it has small numbers and a big A logo on the front (with regular-sized numbers on the back). That's going to make it remarkably unique amongst football uniforms, but it will undoubtedly lead to complaints from media people who want to be able to easily identify players by number in game; that's going to be much more difficult with these small numbers on the front. There's also a "Pull Together" slogan on the back of the collar facing forwards, a nice nod to the team's initial formation from a rowing club, and "Toronto" on the back of the collar facing backwards. These are some of the most unusual jerseys we've seen yet, and they're a bold step from the Argonauts.

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