New Roughriders’ alternate uniform seemingly includes all the possible shades of green

If there was ever any doubt about the favoured colour of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, their new Reebok CFL Signature alternate uniform should erase that. Alternate kits are being rolled out league-wide this year, and Saskatchewan's set to be the first team to wear their new ones August 16 against Montreal. The Roughriders elected to reveal the new look early, though, posting it on their website Friday after receiving 500 combined Facebook and Twitter posts with the #RiderBlitzGreen hashtag. Wide receiver Rob Bagg can be seen modeling it at right.

Well, it's certainly green. There's all sorts of green going on there, from the forest green socks (with neon green stripes) to a dark green torso to white numbers outlined in neon green (or "blitz green," as the team calls it) to shoulders and helmet in watermelon green (appropriate) to lime-green shoulder highlights. On the whole, it looks pretty cool from here, but you'll have to like green to want this one. (That's probably not a problem for most Rider fans.) The black pants (with green stripes!) do make for a nice contrast with the rest of the uniform, and the sheaves of wheat (on the numbers, shoulders and helmet) are a neat touch, as is the "I AM RIDER NATION" across the collar. It's also substantially different from the current mostly-green home jerseys, which is important; what's the point of a similar-looking alternate? Perhaps most importantly, the players seem to like it. Here's a video of defensive end Ricky Foley showing it off:

This is certainly a bold new look for the Riders, and a big departure from what they've traditionally done. That's not necessarily a bad thing, though; innovation can work well in this league, and this is definitely innovative. We'll see if this jersey turns out to be a hit or not.