First glimpses, player reactions and rollout schedule for the CFL’s new alternate uniforms

The CFL announced this week that Reebok's bringing out new CFL Signature uniforms, alternate ones that will be worn by each team twice this year and then more going forward. Rather than reveal all the details of the new designs, though, the league and its teams have been slowly and carefully leaking out tidbits about the new jerseys. To start with, the CFL's Instagram account posted videos of a player from each team reacting to the new jerseys. Here's one of the best, from Ottawa quarterback Henry Burris:

And another great one from Hamilton defensive tackle Brian Bulcke:

Since then, some of the teams have been leaking further details about the jerseys. The Saskatchewan Roughriders posted several teasers on Twitter:

Here's another preview, from the Toronto Argonauts:

Of course, we already know the basics of how one team's will look. This all started with the B.C. Lions, who debuted a bold "gunmetal grey" uniform with orange numbering for a couple of special games last year. According to the CFL's release, that was just the preview of these ones to come league-wide:

“The Lions were our forerunners last year and the fans snapped up the jersey that was at the centre of the team’s bold new gunmetal look,” said Stewart Clark, Marketing Director for Reebok Canada.

“So we’re really thrilled to see how Canadians right across the league react to the CFL Signature Uniform Program. It’s been a labour of love for us at Reebok, and an opportunity for some of our most fashion-forward designers, most creative minds and biggest CFL fans to give their own fresh twist to the teams’ uniforms.”

This seems like a good move by Reebok and the CFL. If all of the uniforms are as well-designed as the Lions' ones, they should be a hit with fans, and these should be well-designed, considering that Reebok spent 18 months consulting with teams on the designs. The new slogans evident on the Argos' and Riders' jerseys are a neat and rather unique idea, and they're presumably present throughout the league. Moreover, it's not like these jerseys are going to completely replace the impressive ones teams currently wear; they're intended as a third jersey, only worn a couple of times a year. That gives fans some more options when choosing jerseys and gives the league's teams a bit of a different look for big games. Here's the schedule of when each team plans to wear their new look first:

Saskatchewan Roughriders: Aug. 16 vs. Montreal

Toronto Argonauts: Aug. 17 vs. B.C.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers: Aug. 22 vs. Montreal

Ottawa Redblacks: Aug. 24 vs. Calgary

Hamilton Tiger-Cats: Sept. 1 vs. Toronto

Calgary Stampeders: Sept. 1 vs. B.C.

Montreal Alouettes: Sept. 7 vs. Hamilton.