Week 12 Fantasy Freebies - Carson Wentz

Tank Williams explains why the Indy QB should have a spot on your roster in week 12.

Video Transcript

TANK WILLIAMS: Man, I'm going with Carson Wentz against Tampa Bay. I mean, Minty already has, like, these little inklings about this game, so I'm hoping that it kind of generates some positive mojo towards Carson Wentz. I mean, we understand he's made some bonehead plays this year, but their running game has really helped this team, and I feel like it's really helped his confidence.

I mean, since we've been channeling everything from the Wayback Machine this year, let's go ahead and treat Carson Wentz how we used to treat Mitchell Trubisky-- where we'll put in Mitchell Trubisky, understanding that, we don't understand what exactly may go down. But at the end of the day, more than likely-- with having Michael Pittman in the slot, teams trying to take away Johnathan Taylor, having a little bit success in the pass game-- he'll be able to come through in the clutch for you in the spot where you desperately need a quarterback.

Wentz can hopefully be that guy for you-- not somebody you depend on weekly, but this week-- he may give you a little something.

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