Leafs torn between forward and defenceman at trade deadline

As the NHL trade deadline approaches, the Maple Leafs are hoping to add more finishing power to their top-6 but Toronto also needs reinforcements to shore up it's blue line, giving general manager Kyle Dubas a difficult task given the assets at his disposal.

Video Transcript

- All right, so over the last couple of weeks now, there's been a growing divide amongst Leafs fans over, like, what we want for the deadline. Many have said forwards, and now, it seems like it's coming from the organization that they may be leaning towards a defenseman. So what's the better option at the deadline? Is it a forward, or is it a defenseman?

I've been on team forward since the beginning of the season, again, because I don't like how that second line left wing spot next to Tavares is kind of empty. And it goes around. Yes, Jarnkrok has had some success, but I do think the Leafs need a legitimate, like, finisher, another person that can add some flash to that top six.

Timo Meier has been a person that everyone's talked about. I've talked about Travis Konecny, and maybe how he can be a factor. So I think the forward position should be the focus. However, comma, the Leafs latest games have really exposed some of our defense, and the defense overall has been OK.

TJ Brodie has missed some time. It's good to see him back, finally, but I watch some of the players. And it's like, the mistakes they're making, that cannot be an option in the playoffs, and it sucks that he always gets the focus when it comes to this. But Justin Holl has had some serious mistakes over the last couple of games, like especially with the audible game, like just unnecessary turnovers, holding on to the puck too much.

And I'm thinking about it, and I'm like, maybe we do need an upgrade on defense. Maybe we do need another person who can play better, play more reliable in their own end when those minutes get tough. So from seeing that, like I kind understand where the organization is coming from and wanting to get another defenseman. But at the same time, I still think that a forward has to be the focus, because you never know.

You never know, and we've seen this all the time in those game six and game seven moments, where Matthews, and Nylander, and Marner, Tavares are trying to generate over and over again. They just can't. We need someone else that can jump in, and again, I don't think it can be Matthew Knies. I don't want Matthew Knies to come out of college and be the golden savior.

Here's your spot in the top six, go win us a playoff run. I don't think that's the best idea, but do we have the assets to do both? I don't know. I really don't know.

Granted, Kyle Dubas has done some crazy stuff at the deadline. Last year, he got Giordano and Blackwell. Granted, yes, you know, Blackwell was not a top six option, but it can be done. Maybe that's what the organization is looking at right now.

Maybe they're seeing if they can make a package deal with a team that can get them a decent upgrade in the top six and an upgrade on the blue line, or do we just sit and hope, hoping that people be optimistic and positive, the idea that Justin Holl and everyone else will be steady? I don't know, but again, I started this season thinking that a forward would be better. Now, I'm thinking both might be the better option.