A YouTube star foolishly challenged Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes while playing catch

Ever since entering the NFL, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has humbled NFL defenses, so you’d think a retired esports star would know better than to poke the bear.

But Seth Abner, who is known as Scump to the 2.7 million followers of his YouTube channel, did just that.

Abner made his mark as a champion Call of Duty player, but he got together this week with Mahomes at TCU’s Amon G. Carter football stadium.

I’m not sure why they met. Perhaps it was to record a commercial, because Mahomes was in full uniform.

Mahomes and Abner were tossing the football around when the Scump made a critical mistake.

“Let’s see who can throw the farthest,” Abner said to Mahomes.

Hmmm. Might not be the best idea to challenge Mahomes.

Abner struggled to get a throw to Mahomes (“I don’t got the arm strength for that”), and the Chiefs quarterback then casually tossed a 35-yard behind-the-back pass.

“Aw come on,” Abner said, “you make me look bad out here.”

To be fair, Mahomes makes a lot of people look bad on a football field. But this was a funny moment.