Shania Twain Just Debuted a Jaw-Dropping Look and Fans Are Loving It

Shania Twain Just Debuted a Jaw-Dropping Look and Fans Are Loving It

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Shania Twain is keeping her fans happy!

Not only is she booked with shows and her Queen of Me tour this year, but she's constantly releasing new music for us. Just two months ago she gave us the unbelievable Giddy Up single from her "Queen of Me" album. And if that wasn't enough, on March 24, she revealed to fans that the remix with producer Malibu Barbie was out, and believe it or not, it's even catchier than the original.

Shania posted a video of herself listening to the song, and fans were ecstatic. "Love the song," one person wrote on Facebook. "I love hearing other versions of your songs," said another. "I absolutely love this, “Giddy up” is my favorite," someone else chimed in.

But it wasn't just the tune that had fans talking. They were quick to comment on how gorgeous Shania looked with her short, curly hair. It was a new look for most to see as Shania usually walks the red carpet with a blowout.

  • "Love your new hair looks amazing on you."

  • "I LOVVVVEEEEEEE your hair."

  • "Your hair looks great so fun."

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Shania's tour kicks off on April 28 and goes pretty much until the end of the year. She'll also be making appearances at special events, including a few music festivals along the way!

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