Hurricanes lean into Marchand trolling after blowout win over Bruins

Hours after Brad Marchand ripped Vincent Trocheck for calling him a rat, the Hurricanes demolished the Bruins on the ice, and continued the onslaught online. (Getty)

The Carolina Hurricanes official Twitter account is up to it again.

Prior to Tuesday’s game between the Hurricanes and Bruins, a reporter asked Carolina center Vincent Trocheck how he felt about his overall game being compared to that of Boston winger, and general hockey scoundrel, Brad Marchand.

"Are you calling me a rat?" Trocheck said in response before coming to some general agreement with the fact that they can both play physically while putting up points.

As the single catchy quote made its rounds, Marchand caught wind of the slight dig, went to Instagram with a petty fury that only he can possess, and certainly posted a post.

“This is like comparing a Lambo to a Prius,” Marchand wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post. The comment wasn’t the only dig, but along with a screenshot of a quote graphic, he posted the Hockey DB stat pages of himself and Trocheck, as well as the point leaders of the last five NHL regular seasons, where he sits fourth.

With all of this soap-operatic backstory, an actual hockey game had to be played — well at least one side attempted to play the game. The visiting Hurricanes ended up whallopping the Bruins to a tune of 7-1. Neither Marchand or Trocheck earned any points in the contest, but the Hurricanes’ Twitter account had some fun nevertheless.

And they didn’t stop there with a highlight of their player completely laying out Marchand on the ice. They decided to pick a fight with the whole city as well.

With the result heavily in their favour, they needed to add more fuel to the online fire and thought they finished it with one single knockout blow.

But Marchand is never one to let his enemies get the last word, so he fired back with a sizzler.

Is this the first rivalry between two teams that originated online? Maybe not, but it is certainly going to add a neat little dynamic if these two playoff-bound teams end up facing each other for a seven-game series.

Marchand would like us to point this out: Through 36 games, Trocheck has scored eight goals and 24 points, while Marchand has scored 20 goals and 43 points in just 31 games. At least he has that going for him.

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