MrBeast says he sleeps in an office-bedroom so he can be closer to work — take a look

MrBeast says he sleeps in an office-bedroom so he can be closer to work — take a look
  • MrBeast is taking WFH to a whole new level.

  • YouTube's biggest creator said he lives in the same building that he works in for an easier commute.

  • He also decked the studio apartment out with some unique decor.

MrBeast's commute to the office is as simple as setting one foot out of his front door.

The generous YouTuber, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, can surely afford a decked-out pad in Los Angeles, but his no-bedroom studio shares a wall with the room where he conducts business.

Donaldson was a guest on the "Howie Mandel Does Stuff" podcast when, at the end of the episode, he showed the host around his office that doubles as his primary residence.

MrBeast's living room
His dwelling is complete with a computer, TV, sitting area, and a bed.Howie Mandel Does Stuff

"Sometimes when my girlfriend's in town, I'll go to a house. But, it's much easier to stay here because I don't have to drive as much," Donaldson said.

He's YouTube's biggest creator with over 246 million subscribers, and his content along with other business ventures rakes in about $700 million every year.

But, you wouldn't be able to guess that by looking at the place he chooses to reside for the majority of the week.

His bed is just off to the side of his living room and computer setup, and it appears the only other rooms in the unit are a bathroom and a closet.

He's hosted the likes of Tom Brady and Justin Timberlake in his home-slash-office.

As for the decor, it's one of his 10 Guinness World Records and a lot of pictures and quotes of the late Apple founder Steve Jobs.

MrBeast's living room
MrBeast's living room is decorated with Steve Jobs photos and quotes.Howie Mandel Does Stuff

"If you want to make everyone happy, don't be a leader. Sell ice cream," one photo of Jobs is captioned.

Donaldson said it's one his "favorite quotes of his," and Jobs is widely credited for the line, but so are other famous leaders, like former Alabama head coach Nick Saban.

He's not the first boss to resort to sleeping at work. In 2022, billionaire Elon Musk said he would be sleeping at the X, formerly Twitter, headquarters in San Francisco during the first weeks of his takeover.

Before then, Musk said he'd sometimes sleep on the floor of a Tesla factory in solidarity with his employees.

It's unclear if Donaldson may have taken inspiration from Musk in his decision to sleep at the office. The pair have exchanged messages on social media over the years.

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