Lionel Messi ordered pizza in Miami before the game in Atlanta. It didn’t go over well

Lionel Messi knows soccer. That’s undisputed. But does he know pizza?

The Inter Miami superstar posted his carb heavy dinner on Instagram Stories Friday night, thanking Banchero Argentine restaurant in Miami Beach, and the Internet flipped.

“Gracias,” wrote the futbol icon.

OK, many were duly upset that their idol was home eating takeout while his team would play in Atlanta, sans the golazo king, the following day. Messi had to skip the trip due to reports of fatigue.

In the now expired video, screenshotted by outraged trolls, a hand is opening a square box with a pizza inside. Aside from the circular shape, this pie didn’t resemble anything you’d order from local joints like Vice City, Frankie’s or even Little Caesar’s.

But isn’t that the point?

Lionel Messi’s ‘pizza’ from Banchero restaurant in Miami Beach/Instagram screenshot
Lionel Messi’s ‘pizza’ from Banchero restaurant in Miami Beach/Instagram screenshot

Forget dripping, gooey melted cheese or crispy pepperoni. The toppings were far healthier: tomatoes, green olives, sliced onions and a dark, crumbly ingredient we soon figured (after scanning a few Internet recipes) was likely oregano.

Messi’s order, according to the writing on the box, was the “Napolitana.” The eatery’s menu describes it as having the above listed toppings, as well as mozzarella (there is cheese on there!).

On Tuesday, Banchero, whose founder is known for creating the “fugazza” (aka fancy focaccia) roughly 100 years ago in Buenos Aires, confirmed to the Miami Herald that Messi indeed requested the $35.30, large pie that feeds eight.

“That’s his favorite,” said the woman who answered the phone. “Esa es su favorita.”

After a few of No. 10’s fan sites reshared Messi’s images of his cheat day feast (e.g., “I’m crying; thousands of people paid hundreds of dollars to see Messi play and he’s eating a pizza at home in Miami”) the outrage among those who don’t appreciate the fugazza grew.

Among the haters’ comments:

“I would throw this in the bin.”

“This is actually a crime.”

“Worst pizza I’ve ever seen.”

And perhaps the most cutting of all was a personal attack on the new player himself:

“We finally found something he isn’t good at.”

Sorry, peeps. But if it’s good enough for Messi ... we may be braving the traffic to try it out. We are actually Team Fugazza at the moment.