Maple Leafs try to figure out common Newfoundland phrases

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Long may your big jib draw, or something like that.

I’ll be honest, my knowledge of phrases which are common amongst Newfoundlanders is extremely limited. Having never travelled to Canada’s east coast (although I’d love to), I’ve never really needed to know many of the sayings.

And it seems like members of the Toronto Maple Leafs — just like myself — have not been exposed to such dialect either.

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But I must say, after watching this video, I will make a conservative effort to work “Who knit ya?” into my vocabulary from here on out.

“I’m gutfounded. Fire up a scoff,” got the best of everyone, it seems.

While the Maple Leafs have been in Newfoundland for training camp, the club has done its best to immerse themselves into east coast culture. Prior to learning some popular expressions, Auston Matthews, Morgan Rielly, Tyson Barrie and Frederik Andersen all took part in a Newfoundland Screech-In.

They’ll wrap up their time on “The Rock” with a preseason clash against the Ottawa Senators at the Mile One Centre on Tuesday.

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