Maple Leafs stars get 'screeched-in' in Newfoundland

With the Toronto Maple Leafs in St. John’s for training camp, it’s only fitting that some of the team’s star players became honorary Newfoundlanders by taking part in an infamous screech-in ceremony.

For those not familiar with what a screech-in is, allow me to explain: you take a shot of screech — a popular Newfoundland rum — before reciting an excerpt of sorts and finishing it off by kissing a cod.

Once you partake in this three-step process, you officially become an honorary Newfie.

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And that’s exactly what Auston Matthews, Morgan Rielly, Tyson Barrie and Freddie Andersen did on Saturday.

I have to say, Tyson Barrie looks extremely uncomfortable about the fish-kissing part of the swear-in. But nonetheless, the guy still went through with it.

Now that the Leafs no longer have to worry if their teammate Mitch Marner will re-sign before the season starts, there’s certainly reason to celebrate on The Rock.

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