He kicked a 65-yard FG in a practice. Does KC Chiefs safety want a chance in a game?

Charlie Riedel/AP

Kansas City Chiefs safety Justin Reid went viral on social media earlier this week when, off a tee, he made a 65-yard field goal during a training camp practice at Missouri Western.

So would Reid like an opportunity to attempt a field goal in-game — perhaps even in the Chiefs’ preseason opener at noon Saturday, on the road against the Chicago Bears?

“Oh, that’d be fun,” Reid said after practice Thursday. “That’d be so fun.”

Reid does have some NFL kicking experience. He kicked off last season in an exhibition game for the Houston Texans, saying the coaches’ plan was to get him a field-goal or extra-point opportunity in the fourth quarter. The Texans, though, didn’t get themselves in scoring position.

With a new team, though — after signing a free-agent deal with the Chiefs this offseason — Reid says he could envision getting a second chance at that dream.

“I’m trying to plant some seeds,” Reid said with a smile. “Yeah. It’s gonna be up to the coaches, and whatever they decide, I’m good with.”

Reid grew up a soccer player, telling “Good Morning Football” on the NFL Network this offseason that soccer was his first love.

He shared video of his 65-yard boot on his Twitter account this week, adding the caption “It’s good!” along with a bullseye emoji.

Reid had some fun with reporters when discussing that kick Thursday while referencing Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker.

“We’ve got an excellent guy who is going to leave his mark and legacy on his franchise for years to come in Harrison. So I know there’s a lot of chatter, whatever, about Kicker 1. Harrison is obviously Kicker 1, guys. Put that to bed right now,” Reid said with a laugh while deadpanning. “But if he ever wants a play off, wants to take a break, I got his back.”

During Tuesday’s practice, the Chiefs gave Reid an unanticipated shot at kicking. After Butker had made a few in a row during special teams drills, Reid was told by coaches to take Butker’s place to attempt a field goal of about 40 yards.

He didn’t deliver. Reid shanked it badly, missing way to the left while failing to get it to the uprights.

That didn’t shatter his confidence two days later, though. When talking to reporters, Reid claimed he was “comfortable around 45” yards for field-goal tries, with a preference of having the ball between the middle and left hash.

“If that ever happens,” Reid said of getting a try in a game, “I’ll be ready for it.”