Kawhi Leonard appears on Chinese cooking show, makes wish for more money

Kawhi Leonard looked right at home in the kitchen. (Lu Yinqing Coral/Weibo)
Kawhi Leonard looked right at home in the kitchen. (Lu Yinqing Coral/Weibo)

Kawhi Leonard is already one of the best players in the NBA and he's well on his way to mastering the kitchen, too.

The Los Angeles Clippers All-Star appeared on a Chinese cooking show back in February and showed off some of his skills with a wok as he prepared a variety of dishes, including Sweet and Sour Mandarin Fish.

After working away in the kitchen, Leonard sat down with his uncle and business strategist Dennis Robertson (also known as Uncle Dennis) to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Leonard struggled to use the provided chopsticks due to his enormous hands but seemed to enjoy the flavor of the sweet and sour fish. Uncle Dennis gave the dish a four out of five because "there's always room for improvement."

It's safe to say Leonard enjoyed the cuisine more than when he appeared on Serge Ibaka's How Hungry are You in 2019 and was fed bull penis pizza.

Leonard learned some new recipes to expand his skills as a chef, but it's unlikely any will surpass the go-to item in his repertoire: fried chicken wings (although Uncle Dennis prefers them baked).

During a break in the feast, Leonard and his uncle exchanged three wishes for one another. Uncle Dennis's hopes for his nephew were simple: Get healthy, another championship ring, and to win. The last two seem quite redundant, but we'll let him off the hook.

Leonard also wished for good health for Uncle Dennis, then followed it up with a pair of zingers: "Be smarter, get me more money."

Leonard is slated to earn more than $88 million with the Clippers over the next two seasons and has a player option for the 2024-25 campaign worth nearly $49 million. But like any good businessman, the two-time NBA champion is already thinking of additional ways to grow his wealth.

The 31-year-old missed the entire 2021-22 season as he recovered from an ACL injury. A return to his pre-injury form would lift the Clippers back to title contender status as they enter the fourth year of the Leonard-Paul George era.

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