Serge Ibaka tests Kawhi Leonard's hunger with bull penis pizza

Whether Kawhi Leonard will remain with the Toronto Raptors after the 2018-19 playoffs is a subject of constant debate. Serge Ibaka has emerged as one of Leonard’s closest friends on the team and tested his loyalty on Thursday afternoon.

On the season finale of “How Hungry Are You”, Ibaka, also known as “Mafuzzy Chef” cooked up a special pizza for his teammate, featuring bull penis.

Leonard, who is known to be somewhat reclusive, provided one of his most candid interviews of the season, while Ibaka gamely tried to get the two-time Defensive Player of the Year to commit to the Raptors whilst on camera.

Kawhi Leonard faced an unusual challenge on Thursday. (NBC)
Kawhi Leonard faced an unusual challenge on Thursday. (NBC)

Ibaka eventually served up the special dish to Leonard, who proved to be a good sport about the somewhat unorthodox meal.

It’s unclear if Leonard will return to Toronto after the playoffs end, but after finishing off a dish most people wouldn’t even consider entertaining, it’s clear he’s developed a chemistry with Ibaka that is beyond reasonable comprehension.

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