Esti Prager, Expert Spa Consultant, Wants Others To Learn From Her Winning Streak

The multi-billion dollar health and wellness spas industry has been struggling, mainly as a result of COVID-19 (coronavirus). However, Esti Prager, a leading expert spa consultant based out of Miami, is predicting double digit growth and unique opportunity over the next five years for the once vibrant industry. In addition to hard work and dedication, Esti Prager’s optimism is just one more reason that she has made it to the top.

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Esti Prager is an experienced owner/manager working in the Health and Wellness Spas industry. While her experience in this multi-billion dollar industry speaks for itself, Prager has also set a strong foothold with her unique approach and out-of-the-box thinking that has allowed her to spearhead projects and attain extraordinary results. In her career, Prager has worked alongside multiple leading organizations, including Exhale Spa and most recently, Sana Skin Studio. Prager’s unique experience has allowed her to acquire a diverse skill set.

Prager is a tireless advocate for the industry and has pioneered a number of innovative health and wellness spa solutions in her community. She learned first-hand the powerful role that a woman in her position plays in shaping the future of this industry. Esti believes that having a platform to raise awareness about the health and wellness spas industry is one of her greatest achievements. Since the beginning of her career, when she started working at Exhale Spa, Esti developed a keen sense of delivering, not only what customers say they want, but what they need and don’t even know.

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Esti possesses the interpersonal and soft skills that are in high demand for all types of jobs. Her emotional intelligence is what allows her to get along with coworkers, managers, customers, and vendors. Simply put, she knows how to fit into any workplace. She knows how to communicate her ideas and listen empathetically to others. She brings a positive attitude to work every day and makes it a point to focus on team building and working well with others.

Esti Prager’s work ethic is well known throughout the industry. She lives by what she calls the CADD Rule = Competitiveness, Attentiveness, Dedication, and Dependability.

One thing is for sure, Esti Prager is definitely on a winning streak and sets a great example for women looking to break into this vibrant industry.