Drake talks junk to Kevin Durant, who promptly hits dagger against Raptors

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Drake was front and centre again at ACC on Saturday. (Richard Lautens/Toronto Star via Getty Images)
Drake was front and centre again at ACC on Saturday. (Richard Lautens/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

While the Toronto Raptors were busy putting together a monumental comeback in the second half against Golden State on Saturday, Drake and Kevin Durant engaged in a little verbal jousting of their own.

First, Durant missed a wide open dunk (with the Warriors up by 19) late in the second quarter, prompting Drake with orange juice in hand to throw some shade towards the future Hall of Famer.

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Later in the game with the Raptors on the verge of completing an all-time comeback, the Toronto-born rapper got all up in Durant’s face once again.

While (probably) thinking, “Sit down, bro, you have my number tattooed on your body,” Durant fittingly put the Raptors’ comeback six feet under with this dagger in the final 30 seconds before spitting some surely-kind words in Drake’s direction.

Aside from a bit of courtside jawing between Drake and Durant, there isn’t a whole lot of history there between the two. Reports have surfaced recently of Drake having Steph Curry and Durant-themed tattoos on his body, though, which makes this whole situation extra weird.

Asked after the game if Drake’s presence added to the raucous environment at the ACC, Durant responded, “Man, don’t give Drake that much credit. Do not give him that much credit. He was not the reason it was fun out there tonight. But he does bring a different element to the game, someone who is close to the organization and the city. It was a fun game, the crowd is always amazing here.”

Durant finished the contest with 25 points, six boards and five assists.

(Insert corny Drake lyric to sum up this crazy game here).

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