Embattled Dr. Fauci makes more than the president — here's how much he's worth

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Embattled Dr. Fauci makes more than the president — here's how much he's worth
Embattled Dr. Fauci makes more than the president — here's how much he's worth

The coronavirus pandemic made Dr. Anthony Fauci a household name and one of the most recognizable public figures in the U.S. As the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, he has been the face of the country’s fight against COVID-19.

During the darkest days of the crisis, Fauci provided a reassuring voice for Americans who were fearful of the virus and frustrated with restrictions that left many out of work and scrambling to find affordable health insurance.

Now, he's mired in controversy over the release of thousands of his emails that are either incriminating or praiseworthy, depending on your political point of view.

Here's a fact that's indisputable: The doctor is well paid. And, his high salary has helped him amass a net worth in the millions.

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s salary

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Dr. Anthony Fauci is the highest-paid employee of the federal government.

Fauci is now President Joe Biden’s top adviser on the pandemic, but he gained major visibility through his often awkward briefings on the virus with former President Donald Trump. The physician and the former president were often cast by the media as opposing forces in the country’s response to COVID-19.

Federal salary data indicates Fauci was paid more than Trump at the time. And, he reportedly earns tens of thousands more than Biden.

The most recent documented data on Fauci’s salary comes from the public spending transparency website OpentheBooks.com, which uses information from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. The current numbers are from 2019 when Fauci earned $417,608, making him the highest-paid federal employee at the time.

But multiple media outlets quote the National Institutes of Health as saying Fauci is now paid $434,312 — more proof that it's possible to land a job that pays well in the federal government.

By comparison, the salary for the U.S. president has been frozen at $400,000 annually since 2001.

Fauci’s career earnings

Dr. Fauci has spent his career in the federal government. He joined the National Institutes of Health, or NIH, in 1968 after graduating with a medical degree from Cornell University and finishing his medical residency.

He took a position at the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases and rose through the ranks and first became the agency’s director in 1984.

As the government’s expert on communicable diseases, Fauci has advised every president since Ronald Reagan, though technically he answers to the NIH director, Dr. Francis Collins. (Fauci has been offered the position of NIH director on several occasions, but turned the job down each time.)

The 80-year Fauci also qualifies for Social Security and a full federal pension.

The publicly available salary information for Fauci shows he earned $3.6 million from 2010 to 2019. He’ll make roughly $2.5 million more for the years 2020 through 2024 if he stays on through President Biden's current term.

What is Dr. Fauci’s net worth?

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Fauci is believed to be a millionaire, though likely on the lower end of that definition. His wealth is estimated at somewhere between $3 million and $10 million according to Celebrity Net Worth, a company that researches the fortunes of famous people.

It’s hard to pin down a more precise figure because Fauci's financial disclosures don’t list the value of his many investments, only gains, losses and dividend payouts.

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During the pandemic, Fauci has warned Americans not to take risks — and he seems to follow that same advice with his money. It’s in safer investments that spread around risk, including an IRA and mutual funds.

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Even Fauci has a side hustle

Fauci’s disclosures also show his earnings from a side income from book publisher McGraw-Hill.

He has worked for the publisher as an editor since 1983 and has received royalties between $100,001 and $1 million, the filings show.

As side gigs go, that’s a pretty good one.

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