A Chipper Jones autographed baseball became a heartwarming Christmas gift

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The gift of a Chipper Jones autographed baseball left one fan overwhelmed with emotions. (AP)
The gift of a Chipper Jones autographed baseball left one fan overwhelmed with emotions. (AP)

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for loved ones is a challenge people face every single year. Whether it be a gift of need or a more personal memento with an emotional attachment, the goal is to receive more than a “it’s the thought that counts” reaction. To be more specific, the goal is to get a reaction exactly like the one this Chipper Jones fan had after his daughter gifted him a baseball autographed by Jones on Christmas Day.

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The emotional gift exchange has gone viral since the video first appeared on social media on Tuesday. It even captured the attention of Chipper Jones himself. The former Atlanta Braves third baseman responded with a Christmas message of his own that had to make the moment even more special for the family.

The emotions seen in the video are raw and certainly genuine. Even on the outside looking in, there’s no feeling comparable to witnessing a moment with so much meaning and feeling. It’s clear there’s a special father-daughter bond that was made even stronger.

There’s not a better time to start collecting Chipper Jones memorabilia either. It’s expected he’ll be announced as a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame class for 2018 when the ballots are unveiled on Jan. 17. The switch-hitting third baseman finished with a .303 batting average, eight All-Star appearances, an NL MVP award in 1999.

Jones spent his entire career with the Atlanta Braves, who for most of his run were known as “America’s Team” for their frequent appearances on superstation TBS. That allowed many of the Braves to connect with fans all throughout the country. None more strongly though than this man, who will now cherish this perfect gift from his daughter.

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