Brett Hull was mic'd at the All-Star Game, and it was glorious

Brett Hull was once again a star at the NHL All-Star Game. (Getty)
Brett Hull was once again a star at the NHL All-Star Game. (Getty)

St. Louis Blues legend Brett Hull has never been an enemy of a good time.

My man was off the chain during the team’s Stanley Cup run last spring, becoming a cheerful, jolly, alcohol-saturated staple in and around the arena before, during and after postseason games all throughout the Blues’ march to their first-ever championship.

He was a superstar at the team’s Cup parade, too.

Naturally, the Hockey Hall of Famer and all-time Blues leading scorer was also a huge part of the celebration as St. Louis hosted All-Star festivities this past weekend, and some genius decided it would be wise (it certainly was) to strap a microphone to Hull and let him verbally roam wild behind the bench.

Obviously the NHL’s clean-cut version would’ve emitted most of the very good, NSFW gold pouring out of Hull’s mouth, but the PG version is still exquisite.

We now patiently await the day the uncut edition surfaces.

Brett Hull forever.

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