Brett Hull brings the party to Blues' Stanley Cup parade


St. Louis, and damn near every human in the state of Missouri, showed up downtown for the city’s first ever Stanley Cup parade on Saturday afternoon. And they came to par-tay.

Aside from the hundreds of thousands of fans who showed up to wet their whistles and quenched their 49-year championship thirst, the partying was also led by notorious suds-crusher, Blues alumnus and Hall of Fame hockey player Brett Hull — which should be of surprise to exactly no one.

Here he is early in the festivities, speech and attire still in tact.

Yeah that’s right, tame Brett.

It wasn’t until a couple hours and a few Bud heavies later that the real MVP showed up. Zero idea why he decided to do this or what it even means, but Brett hit the podium with a frothy beverage in his hand and tried to get the crowd to start chanting “We went (?) Blues” and I don’t think we’ll ever know why.

Also of note here was his “Ric Flair Drip” shirt that also showed an image of Hull flipping off the Bruins bench during the Stanley Cup final. A lot going on here:

And, as you wanted, Hull trying his very best to belt out “Gloria” which yielded fantastic results for all of us:

Anyways that’s enough about that dude. Current players and fans also came ready to throw down and party — approximately one billion of them.

Jordan Binnington found a dirt bike and, naturally, rode it down Market Street because that’s the right thing to do.

Double-fisting beers and champagne, dancing like the whitest man in the history of humanity, giving the trumpet a rip — all in a day’s work for Binnington on Saturday.

The Blues really engaged and made the fans a big part of the day, and Vladimir Tarasenko was central in that, making this fan’s day/month/year with an autograph and a few hugs.

Champagne showers for some of the league’s best fans.

Colton Parayko, also in one.

What’s a true Stanley Cup championship parade without the champs autographing a young fan’s prosthetic leg? Exactly, it’s not.

We had St. Louis native Patrick Maroon out here dropping facts:

And of course Blues’ inspirational superfan Laila Anderson was invited to partake in the festivities, and she couldn’t believe she was there.

How about a Cup hoist, Laila?

I would say “enjoy this, St. Louis,” but I know you already are.

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