18 Funny Signs This Week That Made Me Laugh More Than Any Male Comedian I've Ever Paid To See

Somehow, we're nearly a month into 2024 already. Time may be a cruel and unrelenting mistress, but at least we can all take a moment and laugh at this week's roundup of hilarious and giggleworthy signs, courtesy of r/funnysigns:

1."Never mistreat the trees."

"I am not a trash can, I am not an ashtray, I am a tree; thank me, appreciate me, respect my authoritree"

2."You have been warned."

"Due to past events please do not pleasure yourself in rooms! Management"

3."Neighbors are something we all hate."

Sign outside a house: "House for sale by owner because my neighbor's an asshole!"

4."These signs tell the truth."

"I bet aliens ride past Earth and lock their doors"

5."What a find in London."

Restaurant handwritten sign: "Customers wanted, apply within — no experience necessary!"

6."Sweet dreams are made of cheese."

Handwritten signs by a cheese display: "Sweet dreams are made of cheese / Who am I to diss a Brie? / I cheddar the world and feta cheese / Everybody's looking for Stilton"

7."Please don’t do that, okay?"

A crossed-out icon showing what appears to be connecting genitalia to a face

8."One piece of advice we need to consider."

Road sign: "Beware of smartphone zombies"

9."Amish racing."

"Speed limit 55" road sign with digital "your speed" above, and handwritten sign ahead of it: Amish high score 33, with 28 and 31 crossed out

10."No sir, will not walk there, sir."

A "Do not enter" sign in the middle of water

11."Too literally."

Many wads of gum stuck on a "Recycle your gum here" sign

12."Cry from the heart."

"No smoking within _ feet" sign on a face, with "without me" written on it

13."Clint eats wood."

"I have a pet termite; I named him Clint: Clint Eats Wood"

14."If you ask me politely..."

"Please feel the balls" above bins containing beads

15."That's not a sign, that's a story."

"Money pulled out of anywhere other than your purse, pocket, or wallet will not be accepted — for example, bra, socks, underpants, etc."

16."Must be a real deep wash."

"Holy Water Car Wash: 'Will Wash the Hell Out of Your Car'"

17."Proof they bite or gnaw."

"Horses may bite; please do not feed or pet" sign on a fence, with the top torn/bitten off

18."Wouldn't have thought to look there."

"Table Mountain National Park / Warning: Please look under your vehicles for penguins"
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