Here’s the most adorable moment of U.S.’s World Junior win over Canada (VIDEO)

The U.S. routed Canada in the 2013 World Junior Championship in Russia early Thursday morning, advancing to the gold medal game and turning thousands of Canadian hockey fans into a smoldering mess of indignation, denial and ouright rage on social media.

Yes, as usual, things got heated during an international sporting event, whose rivalry games breed more ugliness than Appalachian inbreds. Which is why this moment between two fans wearing Team USA sweaters and their buddy wearing a Team Canada jersey was our favorite one from the semifinal game. No nasty chirping, no punches thrown -- just postgame cuddling.

Because nothing takes the edge off a loss like conciliatory kisses.

Seriously: a burly Canadian fan holding a pimp cup, getting support from his American buddies as he bemoans the loss to the U.S.? We haven’t seen a burying of the hatchet like this since the end of “Cannonball Run.”

Reader GJ Berg said these fellas (and a Swedish and Russian fan) “rented a skybox for entire tournament,” which is awesome, even if it meant watching the Germans for four games.

Ah, hockey: The thing that tears us apart and brings us together like nothing else. If you don’t love this, there’s no love in ya …

s/t Mike Matthews for the image.

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