Top O' The Order: Jose Canseco accepts your belated apology

Moved down to No. 2 in the order today, a few tatted links to start continue your day ...

• Jose Canseco, the last honest man in baseball (right, being declared the champ), hears all of the apologies for steroids and wonders "where's mine?" [Yahoo! Sports]

• Dave O'Brien and Geoff Baker pinkie swear that Griffey has decided to play in Atlanta. [AJC and Seattle Times]

OK. Back to A-Rod ...

• The president of the Hall of Fame says the voting rules won't be changed because "steroid-era" ballplayers have, and will continue to become, eligible for enshrinement. The electorate already is reminded annually that "voting shall be based upon the player's record, playing ability, integrity, sportsmanship, character, and contributions to the team(s) on which the player played." [Chicago Tribune]

• Umpire Tim McClelland once kicked out a future Hall of Famer for having too much pine tar on his bat, but he "can't fault" players for using steroids. [Iowa Press-Citizen via Bugs & Cranks]

• Gordon Edes wants to make A-Rod a first-ballot selection into the Hall of Fame of Stupid. [Y! Sports]

• Dan Wetzel believes baseball long ago became more entertainment than sport — kind of like, yeesh, pro wrestling. [Y! Sports]

• The AP discovers (in the trash?) a memo from Don Fehr advising the players "to be careful" answering "questions sparked by the media frenzy surrounding these stories" about performance-enhancing drugs. [Y! Sports]

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