21-glum salute: Pictures of Emo Albert Pujols looking concerned, worried, defeated and/or sad

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

There are only four days remaining in April for Albert Pujols and the Los Angeles Angels, and that probably couldn't come as better news for the humbled Halos. While the superstar up in the city proper has made the month his personal playground, the homerless newcomer down in Orange County is starting to test the limits of the small sample size escape hatch.

Though Pujols finally snapped an o-for-21 streak on Thursday afternoon, the rest of the day was more of the dreary April same. The $240 million man was thrown out trying to take second on his slump-busting single and then the Angels fell 4-3 when Brandon Allen launched a walkoff two-run homer off Jordan Walden. Los Angeles is 6-13 and nine games behind first-place Texas as they head toward a three-game weekend set in Cleveland.

Anyway, in the spirit of our classic Barry Zito getting rocked posts — and with the prerequisite acknowledgement that the Machine could turn back on at any time — we hope that you enjoyed these 21 pictures of Pujols looking concerned, sad, worried and/or defeated about an OPS that's hovering around .600.

All pictures from AP, Getty and US Presswire. For more info, visit the Flickr set.

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