Four Olympiques named in new sexual assault complaint

Four members of the Gatineau Olympiques were named in a sexual assault complaint stemming from an incident in an unidentified Quebec City hotel in January 2014, and this complaint looks to be more serious than anything involving Boston Pizza.

The alleged event happened at a hotel in Quebec City in January 2014, involving four members of the team. The complaint was transferred to the police in the capital city last week, as the alleged events occurred in an unidentified hotel in the city. Nothing else has been released to the public.

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The complainant submitted information to the police in Trois-Rivières, Qc, with her father and filled out a statement of “around ten pages”. The complaint was believed to be filed within the last two weeks.

The four members named in the complaint were not released to the public either, but they are identified by name in the complaint. Some of the four players are still members of the team, though it is unknown how many.

It’s also unknown if any of the four are among the six players accused in alleged “indecent acts” at a Boston Pizza in February, however, according to the source mentioned in a La Presse article, this complaint of sexual assault in a hotel in Quebec City is “much more serious”.

The four players have yet to be interviewed by investigators. The Quebec police departments have not commented on the situation. On Tuesday afternoon the QMJHL put out the following in a press release:

The Quebec Major Junior Hockey League will fully cooperate with the police in the context of this investigation following a complaint against players of the Gatineau Olympiques.

The Commissioner will make all necessary decisions after verification and analysis of the facts and circumstances.

Security cameras at BP could tell story

It’s believed that this complaint of sexual assault was prompted by the alleged incident at a Gatineau-area Boston Pizza last month.

The QMJHL has been conducting their own internal investigation into that incident, and reporters have released their own accounts of the events, using the security cameras in the restaurant to report to some degree the events of the night of February 20.

The players were believed to be at Boston Pizza after a win for a post-game meal.

The league hired a lawyer to perform their own investigation, which is ongoing. None of the six players named in the complaint have been identified.