Photos: Stamps’ horse Justin follows in Marty’s hoofprints, finds Regina more equine-friendly

REGINA—Remember the saga of Marty The Horse last year, the horse Calgary fans took to the Grey Cup festivities but were initially banned from bringing into the Royal York Hotel before backlash made the hotel reconsider? Well, we got the sequel this year, but without any of the conflict. Despite their team not being in the big game, the Stampeders' fans present carried on with the tradition (which started in 1948) of bringing a horse into a hotel during the Grey Cup festivities. However, unlike in Toronto, there wasn't much opposition here. Here's a photo of Justin The Horse checking in at the Ramada, from Regina broadcaster Rod Pedersen:

And another angle, from Calgary broadcaster Jock Wilson:

That wasn't the end of Justin's travels, though. From Reuters' Todd Korol, here's rider Cain Quam letting Justin enjoy some Guinness at the Beer Brothers Tavern:

And from Canadian Minister for Employment, Social Development and Multiculturalism Jason Kenney (who also happens to be a Calgary MP), here's Justin going to the bank:

Not everything about having a horse around is positive, though. Via Ron Podbielski, here are some of the aftereffects in the Scarth Street Mall:

Still, on the whole, it was another successful day of horsing around for the Calgary Grey Cup Committee. And hey, at least there was no need to shout "Let the West in!" this time. They're already in the West, and it's proven to be much friendlier to equines than Toronto was last year.

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