With raps, anthems, trash-talking songs and more, the Roughriders win on the music front

REGINA—The Saskatchewan Roughriders and their fans are always good for producing something wacky, whether it be Rambo commercials or watermelon bras. That's perhaps most true on the musical front, as there have been countless unusual Rider songs cranked out over the years, and those are all coming to the surface this week thanks to the Riders playing for the Grey Cup here in Regina. Here are some of the best ones on YouTube, with key lyrics and a breakdown of why each is important:


Uploaded: October 7, 2011
Views (as of 5 p.m. Eastern Thursday): 2,908
Importance: This synth-heavy rap is certainly an interesting twist, and although it starts with just "Go, go Roughriders," the lyrics get better. There's even Henry Burris bra picture mockery, which seems appropriate considering that he's starting against them Sunday. The references to the Riders' early history are great too.
Key lyrics: - "Say hello to the Rider Nation/Ain't no time for an explanation/It's a one-way ticket to our destination."(0:36)

-(On Dave Ridgway's '89 Grey Cup winning kick) "Rider Pride is a feeling that you can't describe, one minute left, needs to be just right, 35-yard line, straight though the uprights, Ridgway kicking, think I know what he's kicking tonight." (2:48)

Video: Saskatchewan Roughriders - A Tribute to 2007

Uploaded: Nov 25, 2007
Views: 15,398
Importance: This is actually video put together over four different songs, but the most notable is the K105 "Bust The Cats" that leads it off, a song a Regina radio station recorded a la "Bust A Move" in advance of the 1989 Grey Cup against Hamilton. With the Tiger-Cats opposing the Riders again Sunday, this feels very fitting.
Key lyrics: "Fairholm, in the end zone, ripping the roof off of the Skydome, don't be sad don't be bitter, we'll turn those Cats into kitty litter." (0:15)

-"Richie Hall snags the ball, this is Kerrigan's funeral, Austin's dropbacks do not cease, the Hamilton defence rests in peace." (0:35)

-"Looking for points in all the wrong places, no receivers, just Rider faces, finding Elgaard won't be too hard, he'll be scoring TDs unmarked, you can't catch him, he's too fast, come on Riders, let's bust a Cat!"


Uploaded: May 31, 2007
Views: 24,485
Importance: The production values aren't great, but there are some hilarious lyrics in this rap, and the highlights of Riders' games in the video is a nice touch.
Key lyrics: - "The wind, we're losing, but we're refusing, you're cruising for a bruising, who's in, the green and white apostrophe, S is for Sask, I got the ID." (0:54)

- "Explosive heat, coming from the prairies, watch yourself bro, cause the weather varies." (1:56)

- "It's like lightning striking, hitting every time, you snap it forward while we rush the line." (2:18)

Video: Saskatchewan Roughriders - 11 That's Enough (1988)

Uploaded: March 14, 2011
Views: 2,917
Importance: We've written about this one before, but it deserves inclusion for being the only video on this list with actual Riders' players (including current TSN analyst Glen Suitor, who will be calling Sunday's Grey Cup).
Key lyrics: - "Way back then we were flying high, our feet didn't touch the ground, we made it, eh, ain't it great, when you start to hear that sound?" (1:45)
- "You're part of it, you all can help, it's really simple to try. You know the words, just close your eyes and shout it to the sky." (2:15)

There's also a great behind-the-scenes feature on the making of this music video, via the Retrosask blog:

From this corner, the 1988 video is still the best. But the newer fan ones aren't bad. If only the current team would put out a music video...

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