Chinese U-20 team scores own goal with spectacular combination of errors

The Chinese National Games U-20 semifinal between Xinjiang and Liaoning has produced a comical own goal that was downright impressive in its spectacular bungling. And it was a true team effort. Usually own goals are the result of one or two mistakes, but this one is product of a wondrous trinity of a farcical gaffes.

It started with a Xinjiang player's attempt to volley a clearance causing the ball to pop back up into the air and go backwards towards his own net. His teammate then attempted to make up for the mistake with an even more skillful overhead clearance, but he whiffed and the ball bounced and spun towards the goal. Not expecting this turn of events, the keeper then tried to stop it with his foot, but the ball said, "LOL what?" and bounced past him into the net.

That made it 1-0 in Liaoning's favor (they ended up winning by that score) and it was such a ridiculous occurrence that even Xinjiang's keeper couldn't help but laugh. Simply put, this was a magical combination of ineptitude. Treasure the memory.