London 2012: What to watch, August 5th

What to watch on August 5th? But I just want August 4th to go on looooonnnnnger.

Ryan Cochrane gets a silver in swimming! Tara Whitten, Gillian Carleton and Jasmin Glaesser get bronze in cycling, with Paul McCartney in attendance!

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And, there's gold in them thar springs, Canada. Rosie MacLennan, of King City wins it, in trampoline. I went to high school at King City Secondary School. But, unlike Rosie, I spent most of my spare time at a video game arcade, not preparing for world domination. Well, I was prepping for that, only in the video game "Galaga." And Rosie won without commentator Rod Black yelling "touchdown!" at the end of the routine. I've been waiting for him to slip into CFL play by play mode, but, it hasn't happened. Yet.

And what about his partner, colour commentator Kyle Shewfelt? Don't you just love this guy? During the gymnastics competition, he called a dismount "silky." Today, during trampoline, he said one of the competitor's "hips are a little soggy." I don't even know what the hell that means but, damn straight, it's colourful.

Looking ahead to "Day August 5th," we can all get lathered up over the men's 100 metres. Usain Bolt, lost the Jamaican Olympic trials to his teammate Yohan Blake and some think Blake can pull it off again here. I was watching Brian Williams interviewing Donovan Bailey last night, and Bailey named off about five guys that could win this thing. So, it should be incredibly exciting, even if it lasts less than 10 seconds. Wow. So many jokes I could fire in here, on the heels of that line. Saturday's qualifiers were filled with blazing speed, adding even more intrigue to the marquee event of the Olympics. There's even talk that one of these guys might reach 88 mph, at which point they'll disappear in a nuclear flash, only to reappear in 1955, in a confused state. The semi finals, with Canadian Justyn Warner taking part, go at 2:45 pm ET. The final, is scheduled for 4:50 pm ET. CTV.

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Something that will take much longer but be no less impressive, will be the women's marathon. Veteran broadcaster Vic Rauter will call this one, from a television screen in Toronto. There's a fair bit of that going on. Many Canadian broadcasters are not even in London, which you can read about in my column about just that. Yup, I just did that. Plugged my own column. I feel ashamed. But, read it anyway. There's a handsome picture of Vic in there. The women's marathon can be seen on CTV, beginning at 6 am ET.

Hoping for a much better match in the men's tennis final than we saw in the women's. Hey, Maria Sharapova: You in a hurry to get to the Canadian Open, or whatever it's called now? Sheesh. Roger Federer takes on Andy Murray and if that sounds familiar, it's because Federer beat Murray in the Wimbledon final just a few weeks ago. Come on, Roger, you've won enough. Go easy on Murray. Nobody needs to see him cry, again. It's scheduled to start at 9 am ET, on CTV.

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