World Cup 2022: DaMarcus Beasley explains why USA fans should have faith heading into the match vs England

Former USMNT defender DaMarcus Beasley breaks down the United States’ disappointing draw to Wales and explains why USA fans should have hope heading into the huge matchup with England. The United States will play England in its second match of the Group Stage on Friday at 2pm ET.

Video Transcript

DAMARCUS BEASLEY: The first thing is that you don't need a motivational speech, I'll tell you that. If you can't get up for England, against England in the World Cup, after they just beat Iran 6-2, then you shouldn't be playing football for one. So they won't need any motivation.

But at the same time mentally, they have to be there. They had one mental lapse and it cost them, and that's the game. So if they can stay focused, try to limit their chances and get after England, and not show them too much respect, I think we'll have a good day. I think we have a team that can compete with them.

I think on our day we can beat them. Is it going to be difficult? Yes, 100%. But I do think that we'll get our chances. They leave some holes in the back when they press and go forward. We have a very, very fast and quick team, from our standpoint. We'll get our chances. We've just got to put them away.

They're one of the top teams in the tournament. They showed that against Iran. They are one of the favorites to win the World Cup. It's the truth because of the talent that they have, the level of which they play at week in, week out in their club teams. They're one of the best teams in the world, but it's a team where our team is familiar with.

I don't see us sitting back and just letting us absorb pressure. I think we're going to go at them. You show them respect, obviously, because of who they are. But you step on their toes, and you go after them, and you try to put the game on your terms.

I think that's a really good way to show the whole world how Americans play soccer. Gain more respect. And I think this game on Friday will show that. I think they can really show a different side of that we probably haven't seen before.