Week 6 DFS locks, fades - Dolphins' Myles Gaskin

Yahoo Sports' Scott Pianowski and Dalton Del Don offer up their DFS locks and fades for this week's slate of games, including a RB who finished with 91 total yds, rushing TD vs. San Francisco in week 5.

Video Transcript

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Dalton, give us one of your favorite picks for the week six DFS slate.

DALTON DEL DON: I'm liking Myles Gaskin for just $18 on Yahoo DFS. Jordan Howard was a healthy scratch last week. As I mentioned, I had Miami's defense ranked as my fourth-best D of the week as big home favorites against the Jets. I liked that game spread set up for Myles Gaskin. And so, I mean, he catches the ball. Maybe he's not a special real-life player, but, man, the volume is there. That offense, Ryan Fitzpatrick getting it done. So I like Gaskin at that price.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: I love that pick. And also, remember the correlation that if you believe in the defense, it would be reasonable to play Gaskin and the Dolphins' defense on a lot of teams. They can often score in tandem for fantasy purposes. And you think game script, which is what we're looking for from a running back, what we're looking for from a DST.

And the problem with Gaskin the last few weeks was that you weren't sure if you'd ever get the touchdowns because they were farming in Howard for the cheap ones. But Howard didn't even play last week, so now there's a lot more touchdown equity with Gaskin. If you hadn't put his name down, he would have been somebody I would have mentioned.

I think Alexander Mattison at 14, it's just like a free square pick. Everybody knows he's mispriced because, you know, the Cook injury came out of nowhere. So I think it's almost a question of you may even want to fade him in some leagues if you just want to-- you think your pool might be 60% Mattison or something like that. But when you see a guy that good that cheap, he certainly grabs your attention.

I think Darius Slayton at 13 bucks makes a lot of sense. Went over 100 last week, had a touchdown call backed by a very ticky-tack pass interference call, a pick play. I think he's a special talent. And for what I-- you know, Daniel Jones is a hard guy for me to trust, but, um, Slayton at 13, give me that.

If you want to punt to tight end, Trey Burton's at 10 bucks. He will probably get five to seven targets. I'm not sure if Irv Smith is the minimum, but he had kind of a breakout game last week. And now they're playing a Falcons team that gives it away. You don't really know. You fear that Minnesota might throw 25 passes. But if you're desperate at tight end, I think Irv Smith, who, last I checked, was, like, 6% rostered on Yahoo. I think he makes a lot of sense this week. Dalton, give us a big name that you don't want to play in week six.

DALTON DEL DON: Mattison's my third running back this week, so yeah, at 14 there. And Darius Slayton, uh, man, you look at the nerd stats, he's just getting tr-- he's getting the volume as, like, a top-10 wide receiver without Sterling Shepard, and at just $13. Love it.

Um, I'll avoid Davante Adams at 36. The next receiver, I believe, is 31. We don't know how healthy he is. And as I already laid out here, I'm all in on these, uh, the Bucs' defense showing up this week. So I might as well keep with the theme and avoid Davante Adams.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Even though I did pick the Packers in that game, I actually-- my fade is from the Packers, too, Aaron Jones at 40, just a little bit bloated on the price. Tampa Bay really shuts down the run.

And even though Jones is a quality receiver, they don't always force-feed him in the passing game. Sometimes it's Jamaal Williams. They're gonna have Adams back in this game, which'll just take away some targets. Tonyan's become a mouth to feed in this offense. Rodgers is even a resourceful runner. So, you know, you'll play Jones in seasonal, but I just thought $40 for DFS didn't make a lot of sense.