Week 2 Deep Flex Plays

Matt Harmon, Andy Behrens and Tank Williams run through a few players who are under 25% rostered in fantasy leagues.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: back to fantasy football live. Let's keep it rolling with our spice takes with Captain Morgan. Each week, we'll look deep in the player pool to spice up your flex spots. These are players that are less than 25% started. Tank, start us off.

TANK WILLIAMS: I'm going with DJ Chark. Like, last week he had eight targets, four receptions, 52 yards in the tub. And I think the thing is, and what I alluded to earlier-- I have to talk more so about that Detroit Lions defense. Like, Jalen Hurts and the Eagles ran through them like the juggernaut, and then my man AJ Brown basically signed his name on each Detroit Lions defensive back's birth certificate because now he's their daddy.

So when you have a defense that's performing like that, the offense is going to have to try to put up numbers on the other side. I like the way that they're involving Chark in the passing game with the eight targets. I think Goff is going to have to try to sing it around for the Detroit Lions to stay in every game. So I really like Chark as a spicy flex pick.

ANDY BEHRENS: I'm going to go with Chase Claypool here, and maybe this is questionable because I'm taking a player in a game that has a point total of like 40 or 40 and 1/2. But man, I liked Chase Claypool's usage last week. 39 snaps out of the slot. We love the idea of a 6'4, 240 pound, just incredible athletic specimen in the slot. Also six carries on the day. And these weren't just jet sweep, stuff like that. These were-- he was in the backfield a handful of times.

So if he's going to get six targets and something like five or six carries each week in kind of a Deebo ish role, I am down. I am with it. Chase Claypool is a guy that I was kind of out on last season after a disappointing 2021, but man, he looked great and his usage looked great in opening week. Matt, who do you have?

MATT HARMON: Yes. Those of us in Michael Pittman nation are really reeling with the absence of our prince this week, but I think there's another conquering hero in Indianapolis. It's not any of these goofball receivers. It's Nyheim Hines. Scott said it up at the top, man. I think if you are hurting for a flex spot, or even like an RB2, I think Nyheim Hines can give you a really good play this week. We know there's injuries to Pittman and Pierce. That's their two clear cut best receivers. I don't want to hear any Parris Campbell stuff at this point.

22 routes in week one for Nyheim Hines. 27% of his snaps were in the slot or out wide. Like, they are-- all these dreams we have of like Tony Pollard or any of these other guys actually becoming a non just running back catching threat, Nyheim Hines is already kind of that guy. Like, I think he's going to have to carry a pretty decent bulk of the passing work and some of the targets there with Pittman and Pierce gone.

And don't forget, too, that, like in week one, the Jaguars got absolutely torn up by not just Antonio Gibson as a running back receiving threat, but also Curtis Samuel on some of those underneath plays out of the backfield close to the line of scrimmage. So I think that Nyheim Hines-- he can maybe give you, I don't know. Probably almost like seven catches in this game. He had six on six targets in week one. So I do like him this week.

ANDY BEHRENS: That was outrageous Parris Campbell disrespect, but I like to call on Hines. Like it a lot. We at FFL and our partner Captain Morgan original spiced rum are ready to give credit where credit's due through the third annual NFL Fan of the Year contest presented by Captain Morgan. Do you know a fan who's spicing it up by bringing their all to every game day in their own cheeky way? Now through October 3, Captain Morgan and the NFL are on a mission to recognize extraordinary fans who rally others and spice up the game and give those deserving fans a chance to go to Super Bowl 57.

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