Week 13 Fantasy Football Bad Beats: All gusts, no glory

Fantasy users across the pond are no strangers to playing football in rough weather, but nothing could prepare the London Lions for a loss like this. With FOUR players going during Monday night's windy debacle, the Lions had a legit shot at winning. Instead, they watched their chance at victory get blown away in one of the worst beats Judge Andy Behrens has seen all year.

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Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: We are back with the segment that you should do everything-- everything-- in your power to avoid. This is where we review the most crushing, improbable, heartbreaking fantasy losses from the weekend prior. This is where we expose your pain to the rest of the fantasy world. It is time again for Fantasy Bad Beats.

Monday night delivered just a weirdly normal score, 14 to 10, for an absolutely crazy game. The wind was howling in Buffalo. No one could hope to kick into it or to pass into it. New England only attempted 3 passes on the night. One could argue that when your fantasy quarterback only puts the ball in the air 3 times and completes 2, you probably shouldn't win. At the very least, you're vulnerable to a loss.

Still, the London Lions, let's look at the London Lions-- they had not one, not two, not three, but four players going Monday night in that windstorm-- needed very little, actually, to secure a win in this one. Let me tell you, this roster actually had every possible painful way to lose on Monday night, with the notable exception of Dawson Knox, who couldn't catch a thing in that windstorm.

But the poor London Lions had the following fantasy issues. Number one, they had New England's D, which, of course, is great. It's been great all season, impressive on Monday, but did not give us a particularly useful fantasy line-- less than 10 points--


In a standard scoring format. And then number two, they had Tyler Bass-- normally a terrific kicker, about as good as it gets in the NFL, but he missed a field goal attempt--


Again, because he was kicking it into a damn wind tunnel. And then number three, they have Stefon Diggs, who I guess fine game, but he failed to haul in a potential touchdown--


Again, granted, horrible conditions. I hardly blame him. And then number four, this is the real capper-- Mac Jones. All Mac Jones did was deftly--


Hand the ball off all night-- again displaying why he's the runaway Offensive Rookie of the Year. The poor London Lions probably still win this game-- even though Mac Jones, their starting quarterback, only completes 2 passes, they probably still win this thing if Mac Jones doesn't take knees to end the game-- or even if he took normal knees. He couldn't even take normal knees.

This kid lost 4 yards each time he knelt down. Quarterbacks, stop doing this. It is totally unnecessary. Oh, poor London Lions. You know, the NFL has been courting fans in the UK for, like, a decade and a half. We finally get them playing fantasy, and then they suffer losses like this. It's one of the worst that I've seen all year.

You have my sympathy, London. Also, I sure hope that you have a better quarterback returning from bye this week. Also, charge your phone. Remember, folks, when things don't go your way next week, a critical week, think of your friends at "Fantasy Football Live" and hit us up with the hashtag #FFLBadBeats.

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