Week 12 Fantasy Freebies - Jimmy Garoppolo

Matt Harmon explains why the SF QB should have a spot on your roster in week 12.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: Trusting Carson Wentz to come through in the clutch. What could possibly go wrong? Well, it could be just as wrong as going with Jimmy G this week. But that is the way I'm going.

Here, Jimmy Garoppolo against the Minnesota Vikings in a game I really kind of like for fantasy. The 49ers, their offense has been very good lately. They rank third in weighted DVO-- or offensive DVOA. That obviously gives more credit to recent performances. Of late, the 49ers have been good on lower volume. I think they could actually be pushed out of their shell this week against the Vikings.

The Vikings offense has been very good of late. You know, they've obviously got Adam Thielen. Justin Jefferson has an argument to be one of the three best receivers in football. This offense can push the 49ers. And we've just seen that this is a good attack with all of their guys out there. Kittle, Aiyuk, Samuel-- all these guys playing really well. Mitchell probably back this week.

I think Jimmy Garoppolo could surprisingly give you like a top 12 performance this week in a friendly match-up in a potentially awesome game script. Now, what is really awesome is hearing from you people, the people, my people in the Fantasy Football Survival Kit. Let's take a look at what you all had to say about, oh, we're revisiting Thanksgiving again. Why not? Let's do it.

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