Tom Brady explains what challenges Aaron Rodgers may face with the Jets

Yahoo Sports NFL Reporter Jori Epstein is joined by 7-time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady to discuss some of the challenges that Aaron Rodgers may face switching teams so late in his career.

Tom Brady joined Yahoo Sports on behalf of Hertz.

Video Transcript


JORI EPSTEIN: Tom, Jori Epstein with Yahoo Sports. We appreciate your time today. You've obviously showed us a model of success for switching teams, making that transition smoothly, going on to win a Super Bowl. What's the most difficult part of that now as we see Aaron Rodgers make a similar transition?

TOM BRADY: I think it's really an opportunity. I don't think it's-- you know, everybody's got their challenges at the beginning of the year. There's a lot of change that happens in the NFL every year.

Obviously, when quarterbacks change teams, certainly the way that Aaron did, there's a lot of eyes. There's a lot of expectation. But there's players that change every year. Coaches change.

So a lot of it now is, you know, you're forming a team. Everyone's trying to figure out the new parts that you can add and incorporate. And then, ultimately, when the season starts, what level of discipline and determination and teamwork are you gonna bring every single day in order to put your team in a best position to succeed?

So there's nothing guaranteed in the NFL. You may have the greatest offseason. You may bring in all the players. And then you may not have other things that are gonna help you win.

There are some teams that don't bring in many people that maybe draft a few players that make a big difference. So that's why we all watch, because none of it's very expected. It's a very level playing field in the NFL. And I think-- whenever the fall comes around, I think everyone's interested in seeing, you know, these amazing athletes take the field and compete with the level of intensity that it takes in order to become a champion.

JORI EPSTEIN: How much do you expect a relationship with the playcaller to help? I mean, he's going with an offensive coordinator in an offense he's already worked in.

TOM BRADY: Which is very helpful. I think continuity in sports in general is very important. I think continuity is-- can create a margin of error that's difficult for other teams to catch if you do the right thing. So I think him choosing that organization and facilitating that trade could possibly allow him to be very successful.

He's familiar with the plays. Now he's got to get used to the players, which shouldn't take him a lot of time because he's played with a lot of players over time. So they have a great opportunity, although it's a very tough division with some other very talented teams.

JORI EPSTEIN: The reason you're here-- your partnership with Hertz. Why was this partnership a fit for you?

TOM BRADY: Well, it was a great opportunity for me to help, you know, bring awareness to this amazing company that's transformed their fleet of vehicles to the most environmentally-conscious fleet in the rental car industry. So it's a great brand. They've been involved with other sports athletes over a period of time.

And I think they have a great leadership team. They've got great innovation. And they're really connecting with their consumer, and they've seen tremendous growth-- so love to be a part of working with them.

JORI EPSTEIN: OK, I think the most fun ad that I saw was the "let's go" one. What went through your mind when you saw that script?

TOM BRADY: I think all of them. I mean, there's endless-- the whole day was fun. We had so many fun things happening.

I think there's some that people haven't seen yet that are really fun, too. So I think the short-form comedic content is really fun for people to see and kind of digest. But it's great to be a part of with a great company. And I really believe in what they're doing.

JORI EPSTEIN: Thanks for your time, Tom. I appreciate it.

TOM BRADY: Bye. Thank you.