Is time up for Josh McDaniels in Vegas?

While many commentators criticized the hiring of Jeff Saturday in Indianapolis, the Colts proceeded to inflict another loss on Josh McDaniel's Raiders, putting the Las Vegas head coach's position in further jeopardy.

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Let me tell y'all something, man. I love good jokes. I love good mess. I love good conflicts. I love train wrecks. I love a little bit of get back. I love an underdog story, right? When you listen to some of the national pundits this past week or two, right, ever since the Jeff Saturday has been named the head coach news, ever since you've heard this news drop, right, you hear a lot of people-- and I don't want to-- but it sound like they're hating on my guy Jeff Saturday, right?

They're saying a bunch of things to-- people are saying things just to make points, or they're saying things just because they're asked to say something, right? Oh, this NFL player is cutting in line to go be a head coach. That's not what coaches do. Coaches go through this process. I find it funny that some of those same athletes that are saying that he cut lines into being a coach, these same athletes that are talking about Jeff Saturday have cut lines to be media dudes.

These dudes aren't like-- they weren't trained to be media dudes. But they know a little bit about the game, so they can just insert them and cut lines of people that went to school to be media people. Now they're media people. Ex-athlete media guy hating on Jeff Saturday. Oh, well, this is a disgrace to coaching. This is a disgrace to the process. OK.

We have evidence that the process is only a matter of who you know, right? And it's not just me talking about media dudes. We can even look at John Lynch being the GM, right? It's about who you know. It's not necessarily the experience that you have. And, hey, Jeff Saturday, ex-football player. One of my best friends in the world happens to own a football team. I played for that football team, went on a legendary run, got a ring. Pro Bowl, all that good stuff. Legendary career. Sure, let's go be a coach.

And people can't stand the idea of that. And I find it strange, this whole all of a sudden brotherhood thing for coaching. Coaching is so who you know based. They have this thing called the Rooney Rule where, hey, man, you got to-- hey, let's look into minority coaches. Y'all just can't keep hiring your friends.

Let's look at some-- let's make y'all hire some minority coaches that may not be your friends. Hey, let's offer y'all draft picks to hire coaches that you may not normally coach because it's a who you know business. And it's strange that all of a sudden, Jeff Saturday, ex-player, ESPN analyst, oh, well, he skipped the line. He's harumph, harumph, harumph. All right, cool.

This is the bed that we're laying, the anti-Jeff Saturday bed. And Voch Lombardi, by way of just being who I am, liking good mess and train wrecks and nonsense, if everybody's going against Jeff Saturday, I am rooting for Jeff Saturday. With that being said, let's just take all this and put that right there. Let's just take all of that information I just spewed to you, right, let's put it right there, let's put a bow and a note card on it. Don't lose to Jeff Saturday. He doesn't deserve this. Let's take this box and put it right here.

Boy, the Vegas Raiders been looking like trash all year, haven't they? Boy, Derek Carr and Davante Adams, that little perfect marriage just can't see to get going, huh? The best player on that offense seems to be Josh Jacobson, and he can't even get his fifth-year option. There's these graphics going around on the internet. The last six first-round picks for the Raiders, they've either been cut or they have not had their fifth-year option picked up.

And Josh McDaniels is already on the little chopping board, huh? He's already on the, hey, this team is built for somebody to come in and win right now. You're just coming in and just losing right now. And this isn't even this world that we live in where we thought that the AFC West was going to be the toughest gauntlet of all time. I mean, Denver and them, I mean, come on, man. Russell Wilson ain't been playing good. The defense is playing fantastic over there in Denver, but Russell Wilson in particular-- that offense may be one of the worst ones in the league.

Go in there and beat them dudes. Let's see what happens. Justin Herbert's been hurt all year. Go in there and beat them dudes, and let's see what happens. If you have a little bar fight with Pat Mahomes and those Chiefs, that's still Pat Mahomes and those Chiefs. I understand. Long story short, that AFC West ain't as tough as we thought it was going to be.

So if you're the Raiders, you would think that you have a prime situation to just walk in and just start smoking stuff, huh? Well, Josh McDaniels, you haven't been doing that great all year in this lighter version of the AFC West. And Josh McDaniels, you probably on a little bit of a hot seat. I know you just got here, but this team was put together already. You can't use the excuse that I want to draft better guys. Josh McDaniels may be a couple of losses away from getting fired over here.

Now that I put this box down, right-- just put this box right here-- Josh is about to get fired. Let's just write that on a notepad, right? If you take the Josh is about to get fired box and put it next to the y'all better not lose to Jeff Saturday box, and you put those boxes together, what you get? Everybody listening right now, write in the comments right now. Tag me on Twitter and tell me what you said. What do you think happens here?

You better not lose to Jeff Saturday. If you lose to Jeff Saturday, it's going to look a lot worse, bro. And, boy, Josh McDaniels and those Raiders went out there, and they lost to the dude that's been getting crapped on in all sports media for the past week or so. Jeff Saturday's undefeated because of you, Josh McDaniels. I don't know how much longer you'll have your job, bro, but we have got to keep our eyes on this. Jeff Saturday got-- Jeff Saturday and his Colts, pardon me, they got a couple more games to go, a couple more big-name games to go.

And it's crazy. The first thing that Jeff Saturday did when he got back, he said, you know what, I know y'all said Sam Ehlinger is going to be the guy and we're benching Matt Ryan for the rest of the season. We're bringing back the 40-year-old dude y'all don't like. Man's like 39 or something. But we're bringing back Matt Ryan. Don't let Jeff Saturday go 2 and 0.