Thick Smoke Descends on Western New York Near Canadian Border

Thick smoke from the Canadian wildfires descended on Auburn, New York, a city near the US-Canadian border, on June 7.

Professional videographer Rick Morris recorded this footage, and in a Facebook post said he was so close to the Canadian border he was given a “taste of Canadian wildfires.”

According to the National Weather Service (NWS), winds will continue to push smoke down into the States from the Canadian wildfires, bringing continued poor air quality. New York Gov Kathy Hochul issued an Air Quality Health Advisory for large portions of the state, including Eastern Lake Ontario, where Auburn is located.

AirNow, an air-quality reporting website, issued a hazardous air-quality warning for much of northwestern New York, and the NWS urged residents to limit time spent outdoors. Credit: Rick Morris via Storyful

Video Transcript