The story behind Christian Koloko's scuffle with Caleb Martin

Raptors rookie Christian Koloko was fined after his altercation with Heat guard Caleb Martin. The story behind who paid the fine was revealed on Hustle Play. Watch or listen to the full episode on Thursday.

Video Transcript

- Question for you, Chris. Who is the fastest player in NBA history to ever be ejected from an NBA game?


- Coming into the league.

CHRISTIAN KALOKO: It's a good question.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Oh, listen, talk about this, man-- OK, so, you know--

CHRISTIAN KALOKO: Let's talk about it. You got ejected, right? Honestly, I really think the whole setup-- I set it up for myself, so I'll-- it started in Brooklyn.

- OK, let's go.

CHRIS BOUCHER: So it starts in Brooklyn, right? I think Clarkson did the ball-- dunks it, but does a little bit too much and put his legs on top of him, right? So that's the game before. So I'm like, yo, don't never let somebody do that to you. I remember telling him that, like don't let him-- next time, like push him or whatever.

- OK.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Next game, we go to Miami. Somebody is trying to mess up with him again. But this time, he ain't messing around. So he pushed and gets into some crazy altercation. I'm like, good job, man. You know what, man?

That's Cool, man. I'll pay for your fine. I didn't realize how high the fine was going to be. So I'm like, yeah, yeah, I got you.

So I'm just like, hey, I'll pay for you, the fine, that's cool. So you know, I think goes around. I'm on my phone. I'm looking to find-- I'm like, $20,000, $15,000?

- What?

CHRIS BOUCHER: I'm like-- I'm like, damn, I just set myself up. Like, I got-- I'm gonna have to pay for that. Then I'm like, no, you know what? Let me just smooth it off and not say anything.

Next practice we go and Pascal's like, yeah yo, who's going to take care of it? And it's like, yeah, Chris said he was. And I'm like, damn. Damn.

- You give him a dap for that yet?

CHRIS BOUCHER: So-- a dap? Listen, all I'm saying is that's why I said he was struggling at first. I ain't want to say it out there. But if y'all going to talk about it now-- cats out the bag.

CHRISTIAN KALOKO: I appreciate him for that, man. Appreciate it. That's a lot of money, man.

- You know what was crazy about that thing though? The entire time, like especially when you guys got up out of the stands and everything, you looked so calm.

CHRISTIAN KALOKO: Yeah, I mean, I was confused. Like, I didn't know what was going on, to be honest, at first. And then, when he tried to tackle me, like-- because he found me, and I went on the ground. And he turned around and look at me crazy, and I was like, what?

Like, why were you looking at me like that? I don't even know you. I don't-- like, we don't know each other. I don't know why you're looking at me, like that with his fist like closed like that.

So I got up and I was off balance, kind of--

- Yeah, you weren't standing.

CHRISTIAN KALOKO: Yeah, I wasn't standing. And then, he like walked towards me. And I'm like, what is this guy trying to do? Like-- and then, I don't know if he pushed me or something, and I just sort of like grabbed him because I was about to fall. And then, he was trying to tackle me.

And then, right after that, I'm just looking behind me because I knew there was like the cameras guys and the seat behind me. So I just wanted to see where I was going to land. And as I was going down, his head was right here, so I was like, if I wanted to do something to him, I was just-- at that moment, I would just like-- I could

CHRIS BOUCHER: Yeah, you could have put him in that crazy--

CHRISTIAN KALOKO: Yeah, that's what I'm saying, I could've done something. And then, right after that, everybody just jumped in. I was like, what's going on? In my head, I was like, what's going on?

And I just put my hands up like this, like-- I'm not-- I'm not trying to do anything. Like, it's my third game in the league. Like, come on, man. Like--

- Listen, man, you looked so calm when you got up from there. You're just like, ah, another day in the life of Christian Koloko.

CHRISTIAN KALOKO: Yeah, I was just like, man, it already happened.

CHRIS BOUCHER: I didn't expect that fine, though.

CHRISTIAN KALOKO: Yeah, I didn't know about the fine yet. And then, when the fine came in, I was like, yeah, thank God Chris said he got me.

- Yeah, shout out to CB for that, OK? You owe him one for that. You buy him dinner yet for that?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Listen, I don't really want nothing. It's cool. I just don't want this situation to happen again. Last time, Serge did that. That's what I'm saying, something with them and-- they like to fight.

- You know, it's funny that you mention that--

CHRIS BOUCHER: They like to fight, man.

- This might be another Serge situation.

CHRIS BOUCHER: That's what I'm saying, big centers.

- Getting into fights every three months.

CHRIS BOUCHER: They just want to fight people, just put them in headlocks and stuff.

CHRISTIAN KALOKO: You set me up, though.

CHRIS BOUCHER: I didn't set you up. Yes, but not like that. I said push them away a little bit, you know, in the play kind of.

Off a box out, clearly-- clear one. There you go, 15k. Chris got it. We good.

- Here's Boucher, the three, got it. From Montreal, his name is Chris Boucher.