Steven Stamkos can't catch a break when it comes to the Olympics

After an injury derailed his chance in 2014 and with no NHLers competing for the second straight Games since Sochi, the door for Steven Stamkos to lead a Canadian team to an Olympic gold has all but closed.

Video Transcript

JULIAN MCKENZIE: We have to think about some of the NHL players who end up being the biggest losers as a result of NHL players not being able to go to Beijing for the games this year. There are so many guys we could list off. I was just trying to think if we can have a discussion on-- on some of those guys here.

I mean, there's one very obvious name that I'll throw out here just to start. It's-- it's Steven Stamkos, who missed out in 2010, missed out in 2014, missed out in 2018. And it's looking very likely he will probably miss out on 2022. And in 2026, I don't know how old is going to be. But unless John Cooper really believes in a Steven Stamkos who's very much going to be a veteran at that point-- again, I don't remember how old he is. But do you see Steven Stamkos playing in 2026?

I don't know. This-- this might have been his chance to do it. And he might miss out.