Scottie Barnes comments on not starting vs. Cavaliers

Toronto Raptors forward Scottie Barnes discusses coming off the bench, how he's feeling physically and why Pascal Siakam is an elite offensive talent.

Video Transcript


- How did it feel to come off the bench? I know you've done it a lot in college-- not that much in the NBA. But is it any different for you?

SCOTTIE BARNES: It's a little different, for sure. It was all right. I don't know. It was all right, I guess.

- What's the difference?

SCOTTIE BARNES: I don't know. I'm used to being out there at the start of the game. But I guess it was just a little adjustment. It was just different, I guess.

- Did it catch you off guard?

SCOTTIE BARNES: No, I knew it was happening. It was just different.

- Are you OK with it?

SCOTTIE BARNES: Yeah, it's-- whatever the scheme was, the game plan-- it was fun.

- How did it feel to get some guys back and Pascal back in the lineup and have a little bit more firepower out there?

SCOTTIE BARNES: It was great. The defense was amazing today. I feel like we played great defense. We held their score-- not usually what they usually have. The length was there. Energy, talking was there. Great to have Pascal back out there, see him doing amazing things, being able to score the ball at a high level, being efficient, rebounding, pushing the ball.

The things that he brings to the game-- it's amazing to see. I love watching Pascal play. It's just-- it's like, wow, damn. Every move he makes-- the stepbacks, the spin moves, double spin moves-- you know it's coming, but still-- bang. It was great to have him back out there on the floor.

- How are you feeling physically? I know you've been listed out with the knee. But yesterday, Nick was saying that your knee is fine, so-- is it the knee? Is it the ankle?

SCOTTIE BARNES: No, it was the knee. But just getting back to the NBA season, of course, the little things are going to hurt, but I feel fine.

- And when did that happen? Because we saw you roll your ankle. I guess it was-- Miami? I've lost track. We saw you roll your ankle, and you missed-- I guess you didn't practice. And then we heard about your knee. So it was a couple of games back.

SCOTTIE BARNES: I don't know, specifically, but it was just a couple of games back-- which game it was.

- Are you happy your ankle has been OK? We've seen you go over on them but--

SCOTTIE BARNES: The ankle has been good. Just decided to take some rest off, give it some time. It feels good, though.

- Nick always likes to talk about the 20-game mark of the season as a point where you can evaluate where you are as a team, where you're going, how good you can be. Is it a little bit tougher to do that this year, just based on all the injuries and everything that you guys are--

SCOTTIE BARNES: For sure. I would say, for sure. I feel like, as a team, we're very different when we have our guys that's been missed. So of course, we've been having some tweaks and injuries from players. But it's been-- I feel like we're way better than what 11 and nine shows.

Of course, we gave away some games that we should have won, but I feel like we're better than that, for sure. I feel like it doesn't really define us. And we know what we can do as a team. Like I said, we know what we can do as a team.

- Scottie, your 3-point numbers are up from last year, and specifically your catch and shoot numbers are really up. I think you're third on the team in terms of percentage. Just how comfortable do you feel in shooting from 3 right now?

SCOTTIE BARNES: I feel like, when I'm playing out there on the floor, I feel like that's what they want me to do. So I feel like they're helping off. But when I catch, I'm just going to shoot it. I feel confident in my shot. I'm a shooter with confidence, every single time. It's something I've been working on. Feel good out there.

- Are you looking forward to the day the defense adjusts and closes out to you a little harder?

SCOTTIE BARNES: They can keep doing it, give me open looks. I'm fine with it. I'm good with it.

- You said Pascal was your favorite player before. Did he remind you of that tonight?


- Did he remind you of that tonight?

SCOTTIE BARNES: It's amazing to see him out there on the floor and the way he scores the ball-- stepback, spin moves, being able to-- rejects, all these different things. It's just like, wow. The way he scores is-- it's amazing to watch.

- When you see that, do you want to get in the gym and just copy it and do those moves yourself?

SCOTTIE BARNES: Low key, low key. I need to work on that stepback. Yeah, it's just a good thing to see, him being aggressive out there, and he's coming back strong. First game. Put up some good numbers, but he's just going to keep excelling throughout the season. First game back. He's just going to keep excelling.

- Scottie, how important is it for you to start-- could you see the benefits of having you, Gary, and eventually kind of beefier than what they had before? Do you see the upside of it, maybe?

SCOTTIE BARNES: Whatever they want to do. Don't really matter to me. We know what we can do as a team. It worked out for us today. And doesn't really matter me.

- Thanks, Scottie.