Will the Rodgers-led Jets provide fantasy fireworks? | Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

In the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast, analysts Matt Harmon and Scott Pianowski look at how the New York Jets offense stacks up for fantasy purposes after acquiring several pieces during the offseason.

Video Transcript


- If I had broken up the thirds of this list, I might have put the Jets in the first tier albeit at the bottom of that tier.

- Sure.

- So that's why I didn't mention the Jets. It's hard to know what they're getting from Aaron Rodgers. But maybe he did the Tom Brady. Get out of New England when the situation is not tenable for me anymore. And get to a team that can support me. I'm not saying that, necessarily, the Jets are the setup that Tom Brady had when he first got into Tampa Bay. And by the way, Tom Brady knew when to leave Tampa Bay as well because that team looks totally broken right now.

Mike Evans went 11 games with a touchdown last year. Hard to believe that could happen. But if Breece Hall is healthy, if Garrett Wilson is healthy, man, those guys-- I mean, can you think of a team that drafted as much talent in one year as the Jet. They have the offensive and defensive rookies of the year. And they have Breece Hall who probably would have been in that conversation had he stayed healthy all season.

To get all those guys in one draft, obviously, they made out like bandits with the Adams trade. Big believer in the team they built. I just don't know what they're getting from Rodgers. But maybe Rodgers is getting out at the right time. Maybe he'll win the breakup the way Brady won the breakup with the Patriots.

- I think it's smart to have the Jets at 14, especially-- like, I think they could end up being, from an efficiency standpoint, a top 10 offense. But I've said, I don't think that this is going to be like Peyton Manning goes to the Broncos or Tom Brady goes to the Bucs and they start throwing the ball all over the yard because the Jets receiver room is-- which I think could be great for Garrett Wilson in fantasy, it's Garrett Wilson and then kind of a lot of role players, right?

They just signed Randall Cobb. Of course, they signed Randall Cobb. They have signed Allen Lazard. They've got-- Corey Davis is still on the roster, remains to be seen if he's going to stay on the roster-- Mecole Hardman. By the way, Corey Davis is probably-- if I'm ranking all these receivers-- is number two in terms of ability. And he might not be on the roster. Mecole Hardman is a gadget guy.

The tight end room is a little crowded, you know? C.J. Uzomah, Tyler Conklin, they spent a third round pick on a tight end last year. Breece Hall-- like, he-- I love Breece Hall. But-- and I still think he will kind of be the central force of the offense. But from a fantasy standpoint, he might start slow in the first few weeks of the season coming back from that injury, kind of like we saw-- not like J.K. Dobbins, that disaster, but like Saquon Barkley, the couple of years before that off the torn ACL.

So I like your hedge-- not a hedge-- but I like your ranking of the Jets here that I think they might be a really good real life NFL offense. But maybe, other than Garrett Wilson and Breece Hall, maybe not the best fantasy offense.