Raptors' Scottie Barnes updates how his wrist feels

Raptors forward Scottie Barnes updates how his wrist is feeling, whether or not the pain will linger for the rest of the season and what he likes about Jeff Dowtin Jr. as a point guard.

Video Transcript

- How did yesterday go? Did the wrist bother you at all? Did you notice it, or was it nothing?

SCOTTIE BARNES: A little bit. It got hit a couple of times, but I just fought through it. It felt all right after. So I still have to get some treatment-- felt better.

- Do you anticipate feeling it for the rest of the year, or are you optimistic you can, with treatment and playing, you can get it to where it needs to be?

SCOTTIE BARNES: I'll probably still feel it. It's probably going to be a little bit of pain, but I feel like I'll be all right-- Nothing major.

- Can you describe what the injury is or how it first started?

SCOTTIE BARNES: Played versus the Bucks, and then it got hit. When I was playing defense, it got hit. And then, I don't know what happened after that. It just started bothering me. But like I said, it's feeling better-- getting better throughout the days. And, with time, I feel like it's going to keep getting better.

- Didn't you have-- You had it wrapped before that, didn't you, your wrist?

SCOTTIE BARNES: That was just on my thumb.

- Oh, OK.

SCOTTIE BARNES: So it wasn't really my wrist.

- You better put your left hand--


- --in your pocket.

SCOTTIE BARNES: It's all right. It's all right. It will be fine.

- Good. You had some good minutes on the floor with the fourth quarter with Jeff. And I just wonder what do you liked about him as a point man.

SCOTTIE BARNES: Jeff knows how to put people on the spot. So he knows how to play. He's a really smart basketball player. High IQ, so he knows how to do his job when he's out there on the floor. So it's easy playing with him.

- And when you say a guy who's got high IQ, I mean, it's not like-- he doesn't keep the ball on his hands all the time. He seems to move it pretty quick. And he moves pretty quick. Is it as simple as that? He just needs to know what up next?

SCOTTIE BARNES: He just knows what-- he knows what he's going to go out there to do it. And he knows how to-- he's going to go out there and play defense, set up the offense, running in sets, so doing simple things just like that. It's just easy to be out there and play with him.