Raptors' Scottie Barnes, Fred VanVleet and Nick Nurse on loss to Nuggets

Scottie Barnes, Fred VanVleet and Nick Nurse discuss what occurred towards the end of the 4th quarter after Barnes was ejected by NBA official Scott Foster.

Video Transcript

- I don't know what happened. Was it a [INAUDIBLE]?

- I think, yeah.

- I was just saying something to myself, and then, I guess, he took offense to it. So it just threw me out of the game.


- I was just talking to myself.

- You have been frustrated with a few calls. Have there been dialogue with the ref through the game that was abnormal, or did you think it was just sort of normal stuff?

- It was just, like, normal talk. I felt like-- I got fouled on something, so I just told them about it a little bit. But I guess they were just mad. I don't know.

- So you said something to yourself. You got the first T.

- No, it wasn't no first T. It was automatic. It was just ejection.

- I don't think it was less organized. I just thought it just turned into a replay fast, arguments, every call, here or there, you know? Everywhere, I'm going to save my money, but I just thought it was, otherwise, a very smooth, high level game. And then down to the last couple of minutes, it just went a little off schedule there, but I give them credit. They made a couple more plays, if you want to call it that, but it was a tough way to go out, for sure.

- Well, it kind of, I think, was a couple plays in a row there, Doug, with the one I challenged and then the next play on Gordon. I mean, listen, I just went and looked at them both on film. I think it's a great game that looked like it was coming down to a great ending, that was a little bit unfortunate, that we didn't get to see a good ending.

I think, especially on the one Scottie got ejected on, I mean, it was absolutely nothing there, nothing, and Scottie wasn't involved. They called the foul on [? Jock. ?] There was nothing there, but anyway, tough breaks at the end.

- So you guys did play very--

- We played great, yup.