What Raptors, Chris Boucher said during exit interview

Chris Boucher reveals what conversations took place during his exit interview with Toronto Raptors management following the season. Listen to the full episode on the 'Hustle Play' podcast feed or watch on our Yahoo Sports Canada YouTube.

Video Transcript

- What was the mood like when you do your exit interviews? You were talking to Bobby. You were talking to coach Nick Nurse. What's the mood like?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Thank you for everything. You guys made me, like, such a better player and made Toronto home for me. Like, I literally became a different person coming here. I don't think people see or realize how much growth I've made in the last four years.

And I owe it all to Toronto. I've been with Nick Nurse the whole time. I've been with Masai, Bobby, the whole time. Jimbo. Everybody. And that's really what it was is how far I came.

And obviously, like, that's a home for me. But they understand I'm a free agent, too, and all. But I think it was more about talk-- and we were more talking about how good they think that I became and how proud they was. And that was it, really. I don't think-- I didn't really have a conversation about if I wanted to stay or not. I think they really respected me on that part and not ask me about that. So--

- Have you spoken to any of your teammates thus far after the season?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Yeah, I talked to a few. They telling me to go live my life.

- I mean--

CHRIS BOUCHER: And I should. But I was living my life in Toronto a little bit, just relaxing and not waking up for breakfast in the morning. So that felt good.

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