Ranking the NHL's Kodak moment in Hockey Twitter lore

Kodak Black's NSFW moment at a Florida Panthers game sparked a flood of jokes but where does it rank in all-time Hockey Twitter moments?

On the latest episode of Zone Time, Sam Chang is back with Julian, Omar and Justin to ask if Evander Kane should be playing in Edmonton or anywhere else. They also revel in Cale Makar's special season and reflect on the NHL's Kodak Moment.

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Video Transcript

JULIAN MCKENZIE: We have to talk about Kodak Black showing up in a fourth Panthers' game. And, OK, so just for people who somehow don't know, the NHL tweeted that Kodak Black was at a Florida Panthers game on Tuesday night. And we all just thought, hey, that's pretty interesting. They tweet about a rapper who was at an NHL game. I guess that's interesting.

Then people noticed that he wasn't in his seats near the ice. And then they found the video of him in the luxury suite, with-- with a lady, and they got really close. That's-- that's as much as we could say. A lot of people like to suggest that they went beyond being close.


JULIAN MCKENZIE: We cannot confirm. Review was very inconclusive on that. Just off the fact that we're just shedding tears and just trying to hold back laughter on this, where does that night, in terms of seeing the video, speculating everything, where does that rank in terms of nights or just times on hockey Twitter? Because hockey Twitter is known to just produce some legendary nights.

OMAR: Oh, man.

SAM CHANG: It should be the play of the year.

OMAR: Yeah.




OMAR: That was my favorite-- my favorite day on hockey Twitter, just because-- just all-- all of the hockey energy around it. You know, like we have to-- you have to send the video to Toronto for it to be reviewed.


It's-- like it was so-- it was hilarious. And the fact that, like, I think-- I don't know if it was the NHL account or if it was the Florida Panthers' account that tweeted a video of, like, you know, behind the scenes of Kodak Black, and they took it down.


JUSTIN CUTHBERT: I mean, shame on the NHL, though, for not-- like for taking it down before you said reviewing the video. We saw video review. It was nothing like-- yeah, maybe that's not the best look.

Maybe they don't want to advertise that. But there was nothing, like, illegal happening. It was two grown-ups dancing in a private suite.



OMAR: So funny.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Hey, look, look, look--

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: They can take any publicity they can get. And if it's not--


JUSTIN CUTHBERT: --sexually explicit in nature, just-- just go with it, NHL.


JUSTIN CUTHBERT: Shame on them for taking it down, man.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Sex sells, man. Like, look--

OMAR: Oh, my god.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Who-- who among us hasn't wanted to start at an NHL game, and, you know, get cozy with your lady at a game. Just-- Kodak Black just decided to take it one step further.

SAM CHANG: He got free publicity.

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: I don't know why people were so like-- I don't know why there was so much controversy. There was people right beside him. There were people in the other booth looking over. Like, I mean, I don't think they'd be doing what they shouldn't have been doing with two people right beside them, filming it, like, in their box.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: I mean-- I mean, some people live crazy lives.

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: Listen, I'm from Brampton, Ontario, and I own the internet. I knew what was happening at the time. Come on, people.


SAM CHANG: I just really appreciate that you said "in the box."

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Hey, hey, he was doing his thing in the box.

OMAR: Oh, can you imagine--


Yo, imagine if Gary Bettman had to made a statement. Oh, my god, that'd be the-- that'd be the greatest moment of my life.

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: If he had to make a statement.

OMAR: If he had to make a statement.

SAM CHANG: I wish he did.

OMAR: Oh, my god.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: "We regret to see that Kodak Black"--

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: That'd be a Bill Daly assigment for sure.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Oh, that's very Bill Daly. Oh, yeah.

OMAR: Bill Daly would just walk up-- he'd walk up with a paper. And just like, "Hi, everyone. So yesterday's game, there was, um, an incident that was filmed and"--

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: A famous rapper, Kodak Black.

OMAR: "A famous rapper, Kodak Black, who we love by the way, and we were happy to see him at the game."

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Nah, they're not going to say that.

OMAR: You know, they'll just be so uncomfortable with it. And, oh, my gosh, like I love--

JULIAN MCKENZIE: I bet they didn't even know who he was.

OMAR: Yeah, I love those moments that happen.

SAM CHANG: Oh, sure.

OMAR: Like, remember when Snoop Dogg, like, drops an F-bomb at the All-Star Game. Like, oh, that was so fun. Like-- like, those moments that just like unite hockey Twitter are my favorite moments. And yesterday was definitely if one of if not my favorite. It was hilarious.

SAM CHANG: If they had a sense of humor, they should have just had George Parros do like a full player safety video.


JUSTIN CUTHBERT: Yes, yes, exactly.

SAM CHANG: That's what they should have done.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: We could see Kodak and his partner in the luxury box. You can see there is contact between the two. However, there is no genitalia being revealed. So it is inconclusive to determine that sexual relations are happening in that luxury suite.

Yeah, the crazy thing about it is that like, you know, it's funny. The funniest thing for me was like waking up the next day. And then, like, you know, like, you have your friends send you memes and stuff, the funniest thing was having friends of mine, like, send me videos of what was going on there. Like, I didn't know what happened before.

It was, like, you got-- like, that's what it is. People who don't normally care about the NHL, like this year, the NHL, if you are a casual fan, you know, there are two things that may want to draw you. It's Trevor Zegras doing the dish again and Kodak Black at an NHL game.

OMAR: Yeah. But here's the thing, Julian, is that you're absolutely right. Like, you know, I think it's fascinating when those moments happen, when you have people who like don't watch hockey a lot who do see these things. Like, I remember-- I think it was last season. Yeah, it was actually last season.

Wayne Simmonds got in a fight with someone. And a lot of people who just, like, weren't hockey fans were, like, whoa, whoa. You're just allowed to like openly throw hands, like, on the ice with that. And it just like blew up. I think it was even on TMZ.


OMAR: So I think those moments-- yeah, like it was like huge. So I think, like, you know, as funny as it is, I think the league kind of wants moments like this, where people who don't watch hockey all the time are talking about the game. So take it as a positive, I guess.

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: Yeah, honestly, like it's for that reason. They can't get fans at Florida Live Arena, which has never been as live as it's ever been last night. So they can just enjoy that. But, you know, hockey Twitter moments, it was definitely right up there. For me, though, a couple of others, when the Sens were caught on video in the cab--


JUSTIN CUTHBERT: Unbelievable.



JUSTIN CUTHBERT: Another Senators one when [INAUDIBLE] and Melnyk sat down. I was in Bali when that was happening, and I should have been going to bed. But I wanted to read about what everyone was saying all day because it was so good. And then the big one, the Subban, Stamkos, and Hall within like what a half hour, that was, like, the biggest Twitter-- hockey Twitter day of all time. But--

JULIAN MCKENZIE: What about Zamboni?

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: Kodak Black entered the Hall of Fame for sure.

OMAR: Julian, don't.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: But that was-- I mean, I was at a Canadiens' game when that was happening.

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: That's a big one, too.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: That a pretty big one. Yeah, that was a pretty big one.

OMAR: Oh, like that-- that game started the Pierre Engvall curse. I don't know if anyone's familiar with that.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: What's the Pierre Engvall curse?

OMAR: The Pierre Engvall curse was a very short-lived thing amongst Leafs' fans, where any time Pierre Engvall scored, the Leafs lost. And it happened for about a year, where any time he would score, it'd be, like, oh, sweet. And then they would lose the game. So, you know, I think-- I'm pretty sure Pierre Engvall was the last person to score in that game against David Ayres. And then, you know, the rest happens.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: They lost to a Zamboni driver.

SAM CHANG: It has to be a Hall of Fame moment if Disney is making a movie about it, right?

JULIAN MCKENZIE: That's very true. That's very true. They are doing that.

OMAR: See, that's-- that's the one Disney movie I will not watch.

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: I was going to say. That's got to be conflicting, Omar. That's got to be the most conflicting thing ever.

OMAR: Avoiding that one, no, not watching.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: "A Disney Channel original movie. What if you were a Zamboni driver, and you got to live out your dream?" It's like Chris Pratt going out as a [INAUDIBLE].

OMAR: Zac Efron-- Zac Efron just like runs in the background. Like, that--


That'd be hilarious to just get like all these, like, obscure Disney stars, Corbin Bleu and, like, Ashley Tisdale, just giving him a hyped speech beforehand. Like, "this is your moment, David. This is your moment." They all sing in the background. Oh.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Vanessa Hudgens comes out of nowhere.

OMAR: Oh, my god, I definitely will not watch that movie. It was a great moment for him for sure. And you know what? You know, I can resonate with wanting to have a moment of following your dreams. However, I-- I forced myself to watch the Amazon documentary. And I--

JULIAN MCKENZIE: I was going to ask.

OMAR: Probably wouldn't-- I wouldn't do something like that again.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: I was going to ask. Would you rather sit through another watch of the Amazon doc or would you watch that movie, the Disney Channel movie recreating the Zamboni night?

OMAR: I'd rather watch the documentary because at least, like-- here's the thing about the documentary. Everything is OK until the final episode because the final episode is all playoffs. And then it gets like-- then it gets bad. Everything gets bad. And then you hear the Sheldon Keefe speech and you forget--

JULIAN MCKENZIE: "Now's the time."

OMAR: Dude, I forgot that they lost. That's how hype that speech was. But anyway I'd rather watch the documentary than-- I can't do it because--

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Really quickly.

SAM CHANG: I appreciate that you forgot they lost. Like, that explains so much.

OMAR: Yep. I legitimately forgot, legitimately forgot. And then you see Travis Dermott doing a spin around in the defensive zone. Like, oh, yes, right.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: The shots were like 13-1 or something.

OMAR: Ha, ha-ha, ha.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Last thing I'll ask about Kodak Black, do you think the NHL has to say something about this?

OMAR: No, they'll probably just be like-- they'll probably just try to sweep it under the rug or just let it headlight and have its due. And then it'll pass by. I don't think they'll make a huge statement about it unless, like, people complain or something. But I don't know. I don't think so.

SAM CHANG: I don't think they make a statement about it unless they want to distract from something related to Evander Kane.


JULIAN MCKENZIE: Yeah, that's true.

OMAR: The Oilers sign Evander Kane. "Yeah, so-- so we would like to talk about Kodak Black."


JULIAN MCKENZIE: I-- I think-- it looks as if Roberto Luongo's tweet about it might be enough.

OMAR: Oh, that was fun.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: By the way, him tweeting about it, amazing. And he may very well have been, like, next door.

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: He probably was.

SAM CHANG: Probably was.

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: Yeah, the NHL doesn't have to touch this. But I will say the most interesting wagon from that game or that-- that night was the one on the ice. Florida Panthers, 19-3 on home ice, 98 goals for during that span, averaging almost four. They are a wagon. They are the wagon, the Florida Panthers right now.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Timeout, timeout, timeout, timeout, timeout. We're going to ignore the fact that Cuthbert just straight up said "the most interesting wagon"? The most interesting wagon was on the ice?

OMAR: Seems like it.


JULIAN MCKENZIE: He's trying-- he's trying to act like he-- he's going to try-- Yeah, you're trying to act like he wasn't trying to watch the video.

OMAR: I mean, hey, man. You know what, you know what?

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: I mean, I had to make sure. I had to make sure.

OMAR: Yeah.

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: Once I was sure--

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Do you, sir. Do you, sir.

OMAR: He's absolutely right. You know what? The Panthers are a great team.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Yeah, they are.

OMAR: And that's why-- in fact, I want to say it was last week-- Julian, you said, hey, will the Leafs win a round? And I said, maybe, you know. They just have to win the division, and I don't want to face Florida in the first round because I don't want those two headlines going against each other.

You know, battle of teams who haven't won a round in 10 years. I don't want that. We lose. So you know what?

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: Bigger Twitter moment, Kodak Black coming out, playoff game versus the Leafs with everybody watching that.


JUSTIN CUTHBERT: They should just give him a-- they should give him a box, just for that reason alone, a little home ice advantage.

OMAR: He ends up being like the spokesperson for the Panthers. That'd be hilarious.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: I love the idea of the Panthers like-- I don't know if they'd do it. But I would love the idea of them like leaning into this and just be, like, we know this was a ridiculous thing.

OMAR: They should.

SAM CHANG: They should.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Let's just-- they should. It's, like, you know, I mean-- not saying you should be carrying on badly in a box. But, like, we all thought it was funny. Why not? Like--

SAM CHANG: Like, do you want to watch that clip or do you want to watch the Canucks play again last night? And by "again," I mean, other people because I didn't actually watch the Canucks play last night.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: I don't care to do that. But, hey, would you rather watch the Montreal Canadiens?


OMAR: Hey.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Yeah. Yeah, hey, respect.

OMAR: They're doing better, right?

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Yeah. Yeah, they are doing better. There are guys coming off COVID protocol. You are absolutely right. There are guys doing better.

OMAR: Yeah, claimed Pitlick off of waivers, right?


OMAR: Some people-- you know what I read? I read that Pitlick was the next Michael Bunting.

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: There you go.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: All right, there you go. See, positivity for Canadiens' fans at the end, coming from the Leafs' fan. Who would have thought it?

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