Primetime Ballers - Seattle vs. Washington

Yahoo Daily Fantasy analyst Tank Williams offers his picks for single-game DFS contests as Washington hosts Seattle.

Video Transcript

TANK WILLIAMS: Moving on to the Monday Night match up, we have Seattle visiting Washington. And honestly, like I don't know why they have the Cyber Monday discount going on for Terry McLaurin. Like, this dude is a monster. This dude is a beast. And he's only 20 bucks in this match-up. Like, I don't get how they priced him right here. But if they're going to give you that offer, you better snatch that up, like twice on Monday.

And so we're going to flip it over to the Seahawks. I'm going with DK Metcalf. I mean, honestly, Tyler Lockett was the guy that got off last week. Russ really hasn't looked that good like all this year. Like honestly, I feel like we always wait for Seattle to come back. This may be the game where Washington just puts the nail in the coffin. We've already seen cracks in this team. This may be like the big earthquake that just shatters everything. But that being said, I feel like DK could possibly get off against a team that's really struggled against wide receivers this year.

And as my superstar player, honestly I'm going with Antonio Gibson. Like this dude has battled a bunch of shin injuries, various injuries, fumbles, and all that stuff throughout the year. But he actually looked good last week. He had a lot of volume, had over 90 yards rushing. And I feel like going against that Seattle defense, who's been kind of friendly in that department, I feel like they try to establish the run, take a lot of the pressure off Heinicke. They'll be able to get some explosive plays through my man McLaurin. And they'll be able to get a couple of easy touchdowns with my man Gibson, going in, in the red zone.

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