Precious Achiuwa reflects on a crushing Game 3 loss to the Sixers

Precious Achiuwa summed up his night as a “learning experience” following the best postseason outing of his career — one that was unfortunately marred by a pair of tough missed free throws in the game’s dying minutes. Follow our Raptors coverage all season long on Yahoo Sports Canada.

Video Transcript

- So you guys, you know, going through the night like that, obviously you had some better from the top games. And then you reached the free-throw line. How do you patch, put those two things together?

PRECIOUS ACHIUWA: I mean, it's a learning experience. And I'm just looking forward to move on from here and get better from the experience, really.

- Working for you offensively, you were able to get to the rim. So where was that mindset from today?

- Just being aggressive, attacking. Just playing up from my strengths. And just giving what is-- going with whatever the defense gave to me.

- What have you taken away from sort of this playoff experience as a whole? Your first real, significant play time in the playoffs?

PRECIOUS ACHIUWA: I mean, like I said, it's a learning experience. First time I'm actually playing significant minutes in the playoffs. So just learning. You know, moving on.

Just getting better. Definitely I know we're going to be-- I'm going to be back here a lot of times in my career. And I'm just, like I said, it's a learning experience, moving forward, for me.

- How much do you feel like you're able to absorb? Like in real time here? And how much do you think you'll need to reflect back after this is done and watch games or whatever, in order to take as much as you can from that learning experience? Or is it like, some combination of both?

PRECIOUS ACHIUWA: I mean, it's both. I watch the games right after we play, sometimes multiple times. So it's just trying to learn right away.

And just learn from it. Get better. Improve on things that I need to improve on and just, you know, keep it moving.

- What do you think was the difference in the first half versus the second half for Embiid?

PRECIOUS ACHIUWA: I mean, they were eliminated the touches in the first half. Second half, he got a little more aggressive. And he made a lot of tough shots.

There's nothing you could do against those, those shots, shots like that. I mean, fadeaway 3's, pump fake 3's, fadeaway pump fake, spin around, top of the-- you know, free-throw line jumpers. Just, there's no better defense you could play, possibly. He just hit a bunch of tough shots. You just got to live with those, long as you do your job.

- Thanks very much, everybody.