Portraits of men in love on view at Swiss museum

STORY: Location: Geneva, Switzerland

This photo is part of a collection

that showcases a century of men in love

It was taken around the year 1900

(Hugh Nini, Collector)

“My favorite is this one right here. And I think the prescience of these two men to take this photograph and hold up that sign and talk about themselves being married 120 years before it was a reality. I think, you just, your mind reels at what might have been going through their heads at the time.”

Hugh Nini and his partner Neal Treadwell

published the book 'Loving' in 2020

It contains hundreds of snapshots of men

in love taken between the 1850s and 1950s

The identity of the vast majority

of the men remains unknown

A portion of their collection is on display

for the first time at Geneva's Musee Rath

(Neal Treadwell, Collector)

“It’s amazing to be, to have the exhibition here in Geneva at Musee Rath, but for it to be for gay Pride, for LGBTQ Pride, the celebration as individuals or as couples, just to celebrate the joy and we saw the photographs going up on the outside of the Museum and knowing that Pride starts across the street in a park and these two men who couldn’t celebrate their lives, are now being able to participate in a way and see the joy and the love that we share for each other, that all people share for each other.”