Have the Oilers figured the Kings out?

The second period of Game 2 could serve as a turning point in the first round between Edmonton and Los Angeles if the Oilers wind up advancing.

Video Transcript

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: Is Edmonton and LA. It's another series that's really had it all. I mean, we're seeing unbelievable top end talent on both the offensive and defensive side. We're seeing Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl try to break down that strict structure in the elite defensive play of Phillip Danault and Anze Kopitar.

We also have two different goaltenders, both of which are up there in age, turning back the clock at times and looking exceedingly vulnerable at times. In Mike Smith's give away in the final moments of game one, I mean, that was, like, the perfect snapshot of Mike Smith. He's just a guy who has-- well, he's struggled in the postseason for Edmonton. He's struggled in the postseason over the last, what, decade of his career? At least, it seems.

It's a guy who wants it so much, and maybe he wants it too much and, I think, showed it in that game. On the flip side, Jonathan Quick has been outstanding, and he, like Smith, is a reactionary and athletic goaltender who looks like he's just the Jonathan Quick of old sometimes. But then he gets hung up for six goals in game two as Edmonton evens the series. Incredible atmosphere so far in Edmonton.

The Oilers fans, finally, had a post-season win to celebrate after the tremendous response after that game one letdown for the first time in, what, five years in game two? That building behind that team and that version of the team, high scoring and physical, very, very exciting. It's great to see them and that personal seven game losing streak and I love seeing the real heat and animosity brewing in that series.

There are incredible stakes here. It's, like, big time pressure for the Oilers and kind of free role at the table stuff for LA, and I think we saw that urgency in game two. The Oilers were sensational, especially in the second period, 35 to 15 on the shot attempts, 19 to 9 on the shots, 3-0 most importantly in goals. I wonder if that's the turning point in the series. Was that the moment, where the Oilers figured out this puzzle, where they can make sure the talent discrepancy, at least, on the offensive side does play out on the scoreboard?

And I got to admit, I hope so. It is really breathtaking to watch that team in front of that barn playing the way they did in game two, the possibilities of the battle of Alberta in the next round and the physicality, a real underrated sort of standard that Jay Woodcroft has inserted with that team. Edmonton, physical, Connor McDavid throwing big hits. Some of which are borderline illegal, but that team took it to the next level in game two. It was very fun to watch that game.

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